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Name: Fiona Maguire
Date registered: August 31, 2010


Fiona Maguire Life Coach, Clinical Massage Therapist, and Cranoisacral Therapist, international speaker, author and creator of the “The Key to Awareness”; a practical step by step process to being aware and embodying awareness in your every day life. Go from Stress and Frustration to Clarity and Focus and you become Aware. Fiona has a Psychology degree and has worked in the NHS and Social Services with children and their families. For the last 17 years Fiona has ran her own clinic as a physical therapist and life coach. Over the years Fiona has helped thousands of people be pain and stress free. Fiona is highly recognised for her ability to read energy and help people connect into their own intuition and inner guidance. Fiona’s first book is “Key to Awareness; Choose how to act, rather than reacting” which is to be used as a manual so that you can teach yourself the “Key to Awareness” process is available from Amazon and Waterstones.

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Mar 11 2016

Women’s Conditioning

ShareHow did all the media and stories of women who have made a difference make you feel this week? Where you inspired and empowered? Or where you left feeling inadequate, not good enough?   Women have been conditioned since the time we lived in tribes to think that they can never do something right, that …

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Feb 25 2016

How I help you

ShareA Case Study A lady was drawn to having a session with me but did not know why.  She expressed that she would like some help with clearing her energy and connecting with her higher self, however she did not have an aim or thought that there was something specific that she needed to understand, …

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Aug 07 2015

I would like to share a really Important lesson I received.

Share  I am going to share with you the main thing that I have learned on the two month course called “The Intensive” at ‘The Awakened Life Project’ in Portugal:   Let me give you some background – ‘The Awakened Life Project’ is a project and a community that is committed to evolving consciousness. Yes …

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Jun 13 2015

Do you every wonder if your OK?

Share  Just stop and ponder this question for awhile…   There is so much that I am learning here that it is hard to distil ( I am on ‘The Intensive’ a two month course / retreat at The Awakened Life Project).   So I thought I would share with you  what is present now.  …

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May 04 2015

The ONE thing you NEED to know about Stress.

Share  In our modern day pace and hustle of life everyone thinks of stress as a necessary part of their everyday life.   But is this the truth?   Stress gets a lot of bad publicity and yet most people only understand what they mean by stress and do not actually know what stress is. …

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Apr 23 2015

e-course in ‘The Key to Awareness’ process

ShareThis e-course is coming soon…    

Apr 14 2015

Jumping into the Unknown

ShareI have been on a two year journey of hip and back pain that stopped me in my tracks so I could take a deeper look at myself and my life.   I was guided to a Project called The Awakened Life Project (ALP) and they guided me to a community called Avidanja.  Some of …

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Mar 30 2015

Easter Gifts

ShareSpecial Offer 1st One to One Session with voucher ONLY £60, value £85.   If you would like more information about the one to one sessions click here Conditions of Voucher: The session is over the phone or via Skype. Session time and date must be agreed with me before the 30/4/2015. No refunds are …

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Feb 09 2015

Do you long for a Deeper Connection?

Share Do you live in your head? Do you spend lots of time analysing or replaying things? Is it important to you that you are right?   If you do feel like this you are not alone and I have good news of you.   The truth is our society is designed to teach you …

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Jan 27 2015

Realising Your Dreams

ShareWhat have you said to yourself your whole life?   For as long as I can remember I have said to myself “There must be more to Life than this!”   What I saw most people doing was their parent(s) would work as much as they could, to provide as much as they could to …

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