Oct 21 2017

Why disasters bring us together?

A personal story by a lady caught up in a life threatening fire that was raging through the forest and community she lives in just last week:



“Things I learned in the fire

There is no security in life, it can blow at any seam and at any time. Frightening as this may sound, I experienced it as huge freedom. All throughout the long night I was aware that I could lose everything and I was aware that I could die. Of course there is the bodily instinct that works frantically for survival, but underneath everything there was total acceptance of áll possible scenarios.


There were fires raging in all directions. Wherever I looked was fire. Explosions from gas bottles were sounding throughout the night and as the winds were huge (ophelia) there was a tornado of fire stretching up for dozens of meters into the air. It was hell incarnate on earth and yet the indomitable spirit of men kept on shining and working its way throughout the night. I have felt it, I have seen it, I have touched it…the grandeur of the spirit of men. We are immensely powerful in our essence, evil means nothing, it will never have a stronghold in the light of our being.


There has grown a love in me for my village and its people because of this night together. A love and appreciation for both our vulnerability and our strength. I have seen so much goodness, persistence and courage, so much sense of community. I would not want to live anywhere else on earth.


What would have remained had l lost all possessions? Life would have remained. Life, my talents and my purpose in life.
What would have remained had I lost my life? I have found there is only one legacy that is important and that is the joy one has spread, the love that one has given. Nothing else matters.”

The project that I belong to in Portugal the Awakened Life Project was also badly effected and many people lost their homes, the majority of their possessions and their access to water and electricity.


If you would like to help these people you can donate money to them using either of the three methods below.  I will not know who does and who does not donate and I will not receive any of the money.


By PayPal:

Paypal account – info@awakenedlifeproject.org

By bank transfer:

IBAN: PT500045 3451 4028 0571 9050 6
NIB: 0045 3451 4028 0571 905 06
Name of Bank: Crédito Agrícola, Coja

By Crowdfunding (they will take 7% of the money raised).


Sep 01 2017

A Life Changing exercise from Louise Hay for self-love.

Louise Hay was an amazing, pioneering women who was one of the first people to say that your state of mind and thoughts effected your health, relationships, work and all aspects of your life. Thank you Louise Hay for your wisdom and love and teaching many people self-love.
Give this exercise a try it only takes 5 minutes and will make a significant change to the way you feel about yourself and positively effect your whole life.


I recommend doing this exercise first thing in the morning when you get out of bed, before doing anything else.  If you meditate in the morning I would even recommend doing this before you meditate.


Life Changing exercise:

  • Stand in front of a mirror and look straight into your eyes.
  • Look straight into your own eyes and stay looking into them.
  • Say out loud, so you can hear your own voice, “I love you”.
  • Stay looking into your own eyes and after a little while say “I love you”.
  • Then after a little while say “I love you”.
  • No matter what you feel or what happens inside of you, notice it and do not analysis it, make a story out of it, or tell yourself that it / you are wrong.
  • You may feel sad, angry, silly, happy, less than, not worthy…this exercise can bring any emotion to the surface just stay with it.
  • You might notice that the feeling changes, whatever happens is OK.
  • Stay looking straight into your own eyes saying “I love you” and after a short pause say it again, for 2 to 5 minutes. 
  • Stay looking into your eyes for another while, at least 30 seconds.
  • Than take a moment to reflect on what happened –  do not analysis it, make a story out of it, or tell yourself that it / you are wrong.


What may happen

Do this exercise everyday for a month, if you do not want to commit to this try it for a few days or a week.
You may find after doing this exercise everyday for a week that you start to experience more self-love.
Imagine what this would be like.  Imagine how having more self-love will benefit your relationship with yourself and with other people. 

Jun 19 2017

3 Steps to overcome the critical voice in your head.

You know the voice that says “Your a loser…No one will love you…Why do you even try…”  It sounds so familiar that you think that it is important and that you should listen to it. It is just the critical voice.


For example, the other day after meditating in the park I was walking to my next appointment when I realised I had left my bottle of water in the park.  “Your an idiot, its so hot outside!  Why???” The voice started saying straight away in my head.  In this blog I will share with you what the voice is, what I done to insistently stop the voice and what you can do to never be limited or pulled down into a negative spiral by this voice again.


Is it your voice?


If you listen to the sound and the tone of the voice it is likely to remind you of one of your parents or another authoritative figure, usually from your childhood.  So NO the critical voice in your head is NOT yours.  This voice has been conditioned into you.


When you are a child your parents and authority figures condition, you could say teach you, how to do things like brush your teeth, ride a bike.  They also condition thoughts and beliefs into you about what you should think and believe about yourself, other people and the world.  Some of this conditioning is conscious because they want to give you their ‘wisdom’ and some of it is unconscious.  What I mean by unconscious is that they are totally unaware that they have limiting beliefs that keep them stuck repeating the same old patterns.


3 steps to stop the critical voice pulling you down into a negative spiral.

Step 1.

The first thing is to become aware of the critical voice.  Listen to it and see who it reminds you of.  Do this with a light hearted curiosity.  


Step 2.

What is important here is to recognise that the voice is not your voice, that it probably has nothing useful to say and to not take the voice personally.  By doing this you will gain some space from the voice, instead of instantly identifying with the voice and believing it.

Going back to my example – I recognised that it was JUST the critical voice.  I took a breath and looked at my options –  “you can go back and get the water or you can carry on walking and get water later if you need to”.  I decided to keep walking and instantly let go of thinking about the voice or the water.

My example is very practical.  However the critical voice can be about anything.  Once you have Stopped taking it seriously or believing in you Will Shift out of the negativity of the critical voice and can Access your Higher mind and Intuition. 



When you can access your higher mind, intelligence and Intuition you will see that you always have other options and you can choose what you want to do. 


I love a saying by Dr Linda Graham “Shit happens But Shifts happens too”.


What if the voice is repetitive around a certain issue / situation

If this happens you may want to ask yourself “What do I really need to see here?”.  Question the voice and see if there is something that needs paying attention to.  If you do this with a sense of open curiosity you will not be pulled down by the voice, issue or situation.


Let me know how this has helped you, leave a comment below.


Need more help?

Contact me and I will help you to release the limiting thoughts, emotions, behaviour patterns and clear the energy of the conditioning that keeps you stuck.

May 05 2017

How Energy effects You

Energy is not seen by everyone, however I believe that everyone perceives energy.

What people do you like to meet or who inspires you? 


People who are:

“Larger than life”

“Comfortable in their own skin”

“Effortlessly blend in”


You often like them instantly, without knowing nothing about them.  You do not know their history or their beliefs but you like them.  

Have you had this experience?


You like them because you are perceiving their energy and it is the energy that you like to be around.  This is probably because their energy is very similar to your energy. Or you inspire to be more like them. 


Our Structures

Most people would agree that you have a mental / psychological structure of who you are, that consists of your your beliefs about yourself, society and the world.  This mental / psychological structure consists of all your thoughts, emotions, memories and experiences.


What creates this structure and holds it together is the energy contained in your thoughts, emotions, memories and experiences.  


Lets look at an example.  

You have had an argument with your partner and you cannot let it go.  Even when your partner has said sorry to you and you know they mean it, you cannot let go of it.  You hold on because the argument has brought you to question the relationship and / or yourself. When this happens your energy gets all stirred up inside of you and pulls upon stuck and blocked energy in you. This energy has more power and gets more stuck when it resonates with energy you have held onto from not good moments in your past.  Especially if you have had that energy since childhood.


This is a great opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and let go of the past. 


If you were to see a psychologist you could gain an understanding of your mental / psychological structure. You may even change your perception of the argument and decide that you are or are not a match for your partner. 


Whereas working with the energy structure that supports and holds up your mental / psychological structure is like removing the foundations of a house – all the walls will fall down.  You will be free from the trauma of the past and all the unhelpful beliefs you created about yourself and the world. You will then not be interested in creating the same old patterns. 


This is great. However to not recreate the same old beliefs, behaviours and mistakes it is very beneficial to be supported in creating new beliefs and behaviour patterns. As well as being able to know how to use your own energy. 


It is working with both structures the mental / psychological and energy structure that creates the greatest transformation and benefit. 


This is what I do in my unique therapy. 

To empower you to transform and move forward in your life I teach you how to ‘work’ with both structures and other people’s energy. 

Apr 21 2017

How to work with your unconscious mind.

There are a lot of different theories about what is the unconscious mind and how does it work.  There are still many things that are unknown about the unconscious mind.  However, everyone agrees that the unconscious mind is very powerful and effects us. 


In this blog I am going to concentrate on why working with your energy is a direct and powerful way to work with your unconscious mind and therefore transform your life.  I am going to concentrate on one particular aspect of the unconscious mind to demonstrate why this is.  In future blogs I will write more about how the unconscious mind works.



Your unconscious mind is a store house for all your experiences, memories and beliefs.  When I worked as an assistant psychologist and counsellor, one of the main aims of therapy was to bring people to an understanding of how and why they created their beliefs.  The reason for this is that our actions and behaviour are driven by our beliefs.  Psychologist often believe that once someone has an understanding of why they created the belief that is driving the behaviour that needs to be changed they are more capable of changing the behaviour.  In my experience as a therapist it can take someone along time to understand their beliefs.  Furthermore gaining an understanding was often not enough to create a change in the person’s behaviour.  These were two of the main reasons I stopped training to become a doctor in psychology.


It is important to be aware of your beliefs. Your beliefs that most effect you were created when you were a child.  These beliefs are stored in the unconscious mind, as I said above.  When these beliefs are triggered they are often carried out unconsciously.  This means that you do not even think about what you are doing, never mind questioning why you are doing it.  


It is also helpful to understand that because you created these beliefs as a child, they are probably NOT serving you as an adult.


Working with Energy and the Unconscious mind.


Your unconscious mind works using symbols and pictures rather than words.  When I work with energy I access the information from your unconscious mind.  I use energy to work with the unconscious minds pictures and symbols to clear the beliefs from all aspects of your being.  You are then clear mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically to decide what beliefs you want to have that will enable you to choose your behaviours.  Rather than unconsciously repeating old patterns of behaviour that do not serve you.


A process to work with the unconscious mind.


In western culture the unconscious mind has often been viewed as the enemy – something that works in the background to sabotage your conscious desires and your conscious thoughts.


Wether you believe this or not it is important that you make friends with your unconscious mind.  In the exercise below I am going to show you how to do this.  Remember to be playful like a child and have a sense of humour.  If you think nothing is happening, image it is and be playful: 


  • Sit comfortably and relax.  To help you do this take a few deep breaths.  Relax the top of your head, jaw, pelvis and feet.
  • If your unconscious mind had a symbol what would it be?
  • Allow whatever symbol comes to your mind to come.
  • See / sense the symbol out infant of your body about 2 or 3 meters away.
  • Talk to your unconscious mind, represented by the symbol.
  • Apologise to your unconscious mind for every getting upset or angry at it – which means you got upset with yourself.
  • Ask your conscious and unconscious mind to work together with your inner wisdom, higher self and Spirit.


Have fun and tell me how this exercise was for you in the comments below.


If you would like help with this exercise or anything that I have written about please contact me.

Apr 13 2017

Three steps to Happiness


Feeling unhappy or not satisfied and Anxiety was the top two answers to “What is causing you the most pain?” in a survey that I am carrying out.  In my last newsletter I promised to write you a blog about how these are connected and how working with energy can help you (which was what most people who took part in the survey wanted more information on).


When you are happy life is good and your thoughts are uplifting.  Life seems easier and things go well.  Often when you are unhappy life is more difficult, your thoughts are less pessimistic or even negative.  Life can seem hard and it feels like nothing goes right.


Some people seem happier by nature than others; you know the type of person that always has a smile on their face, they believe that things will work out and no matter what life throws at them they still remain positive.


You may experience anxiety as a natural worry or uncertainty about something, money for example.  When you are anxious you are not generally happy.  If you experience anxiety as a crippling fear or panic, you are certainly unhappy and not satisfied.


Step 1 Awareness.

When you are anxious or unhappy you generally do not want to be in your body feeling what you are feeling.  Do not worry if you recognise this in yourself as society and probably your parents have taught you not be connected to your body.  Your coping strategy for being anxious and or unhappy may be to run around like a headless chicken trying to solve whatever you believe the problem that created your unhappiness and / or anxiety is.  Which often creates more anxiety and stress. Or it may be to distract yourself and do other things, like watch TV or drink alcohol.   


Furthermore, when you are anxious you will probably not be able to think clearly and gain clarity about the situation.  This reason for this is that you are probably not grounded or even in your body.  What I mean by this is that you thoughts and therefore your energy is probably with the person, situation or event that you are anxious about.  I wrote another blog about this, click here. 


If you are aware of your body you will notice that you are contracted, stiff and maybe in pain.  When you are contracted you stop your blood flowing freely around your body and you create energy blocks in your body.


The first thing you need to realise is that anxiety and being unhappy often cause each other and as I have explained effect your ability to feel, think and be present in your body.  Most people are contracted and anxious nearly all the time.


Write down why you are anxious and what you notice when you are anxious.  Write down your feelings and your thoughts.  You will need this in step three.  


Step 2 Connect with your inborn Happiness


The Dali Lama and other enlightened people say that happiness is within you, that it is always there and you can choose to connect with the happiness inside of you.  This is one of the reasons that I meditate each morning – to ground myself and connect with my inborn happiness within me.


To help you be connected to all of you, your inborn happiness, clear your energy and gain clarity Ground yourself using my grounding exercise.


Step 3 Clear your energy.

If this is difficult you can use other energy exercises to clear your energy and get it flowing in a healthy productive way.  One such exercise is “The Magnet in the Lake” exercise, click here.


When you feel you are more in your own energy, look back at what you wrote in step 1.  Ask yourself if these thoughts and feelings are yours?  Do not be surprised if you can no longer relate to them or if they do not feel true anymore.  This reason for this is that you have cleared other people’s thoughts and feelings out of your energy.


Then ask yourself if you feel anxious or unhappy?  If you do not that is great.


If you do sit with what you are feeling and sensing in your body and accept it, this means that you do not judge, criticise or analyse what you are sensing or yourself.  Stay with it as long as you can.  You may find that it completely changes.


Afterwards ask yourself if there is something that you need to do? 


Next Step

Another way to clear your energy and change the limiting thoughts that are creating your anxiety and resulting in you being unhappy is to work with your unconscious mind.  In my next blog I will teach you how to do this.

If you do not want to wait contact me today for a free consultation about how I can help you.

Jan 11 2017

What do you want in 2017?


This post is about how you get what you desire / want.


You might be sitting there thinking “I do not bother with New Year’s Resolutions or trying to make changes as they never work”.  


One of the main reason why people find it hard to make changes is that they unconsciously, or even consciously, sabotage themselves. 

Do you recognise this? 

Do you sometimes, or often, sabotage yourself?


The reason why people sabotage themselves is because

they do not Really Want to change!  


This is perfectly understandable and a natural response, so stay with me why I explain why you may do this and how you can stop doing it.


The unconscious minds role 

is to protect you and keep you safe.  As soon as you start to think about making changes the unconscious mind will activate a response in the your body.  If you are a person who sabotages themselves this is likely to feel like fear or nervousness – depending on how much the change threatens your comfort zone.  


Your comfort zone 

may be very limited and control (nothing much changes in your life) or it may be more open and free flowing (You are happy to go with the flow and for things to change).



Most of your actions, thoughts and feelings have been taught to you by your parents when you were young.  For example your parents taught you how to brush your teeth and when to brush your teeth.  Your parents also might have taught you that the world is a scary place and you need to keep yourself safe and secure.  Or they may have taught you that the world is a safe place that is full of adventures to be explored.  Or even a combination of the two depending on the risks involved. 


Knowing what You Really Want can be difficult

Your comfort zone is often a result of your conditioning and this is why knowing what you Really Want can be difficult.


How to know what You Really Want and

therefore achieve what you desire 


  1. Find a quiet place where you can be by yourself without being disturbed.
  2. Sit and relax into your body. 
  3. Gain some clarity.


A great way to do these three things is to do my Grounding exercise that you can download free – put your name and email in the sign-in box on the right hand side of this page and you will receive the download straight away.


Dec 21 2016

Stress, control and surrender.

This year has been a very interesting year, full of surprises and lessons in

Stress, Control and Surrender.


I have been mainly living in Portugal and traveling back and forth to the UK to see some physical therapy clients.  Last month I ‘decided’ that I would not do this anymore as it was Stressful and effecting by ability to really embrace being in Portugal.  Furthermore, four months ago, I started being in a relationship which meant even more traveling.  As the saying goes “Something had to give”.  I have to admit I agonised over this decision for a long time.


Than something ironic happened it was taken out of my hands – out of my Control.


Are you in Control?

Numerous times over the last year and more intensely in the last month I am experiencing that nothing is really in my control.  This has not been easy for me to acknowledge.  However when I have, life gives me the most unexpected and much more beautiful and joyful beings – my partner, experiences, events and situations.


In August I took the opportunity to spend 4 1/2 days to do a solitary retreat.  I was in the countryside looking after a freind’s house and land.  The first two days I was amazed at how much anxiety and stress was constantly arising within me.  There I was with very little to do, surrounded by beautiful nature and I was experiencing stress.  What did I have to be stressed about?  My mind could find lots of things to be stressed about.  But in the moment there was noting to do, nothing to achieve and nowhere to go – absolutely no stress at all.  I realised that I was creating the stress in my mind, by believing in my ‘to do’ lists that I have as part of my every day life.


It was in the fourth day that I realised that I was also creating the suffering – stress, around what I want to do in my life.  With this I also realised that I believed that “I was in control” and “I have to be in control”.  Sitting in such beautiful nature and watching the flow and cycles of life all around me I seen how foolish believing I was in control was.


Do you Surrender to Life?

It was in that moment that I saw that I was not Surrendering to life at all.  I could also noticed that I had no idea how to do this; you see I thought I had surrendered – well at least more than I had done previously in my life.


What is Surrender?

But the truth is I am either in surrender or I am not.


There are no degrees to it and yet paradoxically there is more and more an acknowledgement of what surrender is, even though I still don’t know how to surrender.


I am not trying to confuse you – I know when I am surrendered and yet I do not know how to surrender.  The closest understanding I have is that surrender is not something I do and it is not something I can understand with my mind.  Surrender just is.


I want to continue to surrender as life is more enjoyable in surrender than when I am controlling it.  My partner turned up at the moment I let myself surrender.


What is your experience of surrender?


What have you learnt this year?

Aug 02 2016

Stop the cycle of Anxiety now!

What is causing you anxiety now?

Is what your anxious about happing now in this moment?


Think back to the last time you where anxious, or feeling anxiety?

Or are you feeling anxiety right now?  If you are anxious now try to do this,

was what you were thinking or feeling about happening in that moment?

I bet it wasn’t.

The reason why I am so sure of this is because if it was your body would go into the stress response and you would unconsciously start to fight (which in modern society often means that you become defensive, or argumentative, or angry or a combination of these) or you would run away.

Anxiety is ALWAYS about the future.


What you were thinking and feeling was a projection of what you think may happen in the future and you start to feel as if that is happening in the present moment.  So


How you stop being anxious is

by getting back into your body.


Being back in your body will:
– Bring you into the present moment.
– Give you a sense of space (rather than the tightness of just being in your head).
– Enable you to take control of your breathing


All of this will help you take control and see that what you are anxious about is not happening in the present.


With a few more breaths you may realise that what you were anxious about may not even happen in the future.


How to get back into your body.


Do my Grounding exercise


Click on the text above to download my Grounding exercises and other audios that will help.

These audios are the ones that people receive when they sign up to my website, however two of the tracks have recently been changed, they are very much worth listening too.

If you want to be Free of the cycle of Anxiety Now
contact me today.

Mar 14 2016

An exercise to Clear Conditioning


What is conditioning?


Conditioning is what you have been taught to do by your parents, family, friends, groups you interact with, the media and society.  Your conditioning is either unconscious to begin with – for example you naturally pick up habits from your parents and people close to you, or becomes unconscious to make it easy for you to function – for example brushing your teeth or driving a car.


Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, perception – how you see things and what you make them mean, your actions and thus your life is determined by your conditioning unless you break free of it.  For example your habits and repeated behaviours are often a result of your conditioning.


The good news 

Is that you can clear the energy of your conditioning.  A lot of the energy in your conditioning does not belong to you, it belongs to the person or group that you ‘let’ condition you, and therefore you can simply allow this energy to be released – see exercise below.


Clearing the energy will help you see what you value and want in life and help you let go of what does not serve you because it belongs to someone else.


However, as conditioning by its very nature is unconscious you need to become aware of what your conditioning is and how it effects you to fully release it.


If you want to be self empowered to make your own choices in your life and follow your own passion work with me.


To see if working with me is right for you

and to find out how I can help you

I offer a free 20 minute free consultation, via Skype. 

To book reply to this email or call me on +351 926 533 185


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Click here for the exercise.

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