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Sep 01 2017

A Life Changing exercise from Louise Hay for self-love.

ShareLouise Hay was an amazing, pioneering women who was one of the first people to say that your state of mind and thoughts effected your health, relationships, work and all aspects of your life. Thank you Louise Hay for your wisdom and love and teaching many people self-love.   Give this exercise a try it …

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Apr 21 2017

How to work with your unconscious mind.

ShareThere are a lot of different theories about what is the unconscious mind and how does it work.  There are still many things that are unknown about the unconscious mind.  However, everyone agrees that the unconscious mind is very powerful and effects us.    In this blog I am going to concentrate on why working …

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Jan 11 2017

What do you want in 2017?

Share  This post is about how you get what you desire / want.   You might be sitting there thinking “I do not bother with New Year’s Resolutions or trying to make changes as they never work”.     One of the main reason why people find it hard to make changes is that they …

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Mar 11 2016

Women’s Conditioning

ShareHow did all the media and stories of women who have made a difference make you feel this week? Where you inspired and empowered? Or where you left feeling inadequate, not good enough?   Women have been conditioned since the time we lived in tribes to think that they can never do something right, that …

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Apr 14 2015

Jumping into the Unknown

ShareI have been on a two year journey of hip and back pain that stopped me in my tracks so I could take a deeper look at myself and my life.   I was guided to a Project called The Awakened Life Project (ALP) and they guided me to a community called Avidanja.  Some of …

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Oct 15 2014

Do YOU want a better Life / World?

ShareAt first I could not understand why I was in pain. I told you how the pain brought into question everything that I believed in. A lot of soul searching has been done and continues. I am grateful for this opportunity to realise that I don’t know as much as I thought I did. The …

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Sep 22 2014

Can this really cause me Stress?

ShareIn February and March of this year I was noticing a lot of anger arising in me.  Sometimes there was a reason for the anger and at other times it would just arise.  Being with this anger, stories from my past would appear in my mind and I would try to sit with them in …

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Jul 21 2014

A message from the Earth.

ShareThere is no doubt that the planet earth will continue to live.  The question is, will she breath gases that we too can survive?  The answer to this question lies with you.  If you continue to pollute her, with the fuel of your car, the way you spend your money and most importantly your lack …

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Apr 20 2014

The Deeper Painful Truth of Easter

ShareWhat is the meaning of Easter?   I went to a Catholic School and attend Sunday School until I was about 8 years old.  From what I remember I was taught that Jesus died on the cross so that God would forgive mankind, us, for our sins.     God then gave new life to …

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Oct 23 2013

What are you scared of?

ShareWhat scares you the most is the thoughts and stories you tell yourself.   I will give you two examples of this:   Example 1: A few weeks ago I was working with a client who was angry with his parents and he also felt very sad.  He said that his parents had made him …

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