One to One Sessions


Since I have learnt to be in my body and feel all my feelings; life has taken on a whole new meaning and I feel so much happier.

Lynne Hall


To think that the problem about the kid’s Mum and the ‘outlaws’ bugged me for years, and despite trying other things, I’d never had any success until now. The technique you used was excellent, the ‘symbol’ has like gone, vanished, and with it the pain. Pretty awesome. My Mum would love you!

Peter Stapleton


If you would like more information about the sessions I do you can either:

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What working with me is like:

  • We will talk about what you are experiencing now.
  • Through asking you questions you will understand what creates your pain / issue / problem and what keeps it there.
  • I teach you tools to let go of thought, emotional and behavioural patterns that limit you and do not serve you.
  • If needed I will help you overcome any painful memories that are effecting you now.
  • You will create healthy patterns that break you free of your pain / issue / problem.
  • You will learn how to work with your own Energy and connect with your Higher Self.
  • I am focused on Empowering You to move forward and be Happy.
  • Only work with me if you are ready to and want to create change in your life.

Extra benefits of working with me.

  • You can have appointments on Skype or face to face.
  • You will receive a pre session email with forms for you to fill in to save you time and money in the first session.
  • You will receive a free recording of your session,
  • Listening to the recording gives you many insights,
  • You get to practice the techniques I taught you with me leading you again on the recording.
  • You will receive a summary email after session, highlightening the main parts of the session.


Why do I use Skype?

I work mainly on Skype as this has many benefits:

  • My experience is that the ‘work’ is quicker over Skype because there is less distractions,
  • It is free,
  • It is in the comfort of your own home, no need to travel,


Face to face sessions

Are available contact me for details.

However my experience is that the ‘work’ is quicker over Skype because there is less distractions.


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When you have paid, email me to make arrangements for your session.

In the first session you will

  • Gain an understanding of what your block(s) are and how they were created – which may be ancestrally, biologically or through conditioning.
  • You will than release and change thoughts and emotions attached to the bock(s).
  • I will then help you release the major energy involved in the block(s).


This often results in a major change in the you and in your life.

However as you may not be fully aware of all your patterns, behaviours, thoughts and emotions that were created as a result of the block / issue you could recreate the block unconsciously.  This is because the block / issue was create as a defence strategy by the unconscious mind to keep you safe.


Therefore in the following sessions we will further explore how the block / issue effects you and remove anything that created the bock and will recreate the block in you.  I will help you understand and release your conditioning, on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and ancestrally.  This will connect you more with who you really are. In this place you will experience what you really think and feel, rather than just repeating your conditioning.  You are then ready to create new ways that you can move forward in your life and I will help you with this.


When you are free from the block I will help you connect more to your higher self and inner wisdom.  This will give you more access to your truth and inner resources.  The result of this is that you will have more confidence in yourself and in life.


I will create a coaching package tailored made just for you to help you resolve the issue, create the change in your life that you want and give you tools to continue to empowering yourself.  


People often say that the coaching package created a shift in the way they see themselves and life, which positively effects everything.

Some people want to be fully awake and consciously create a life they love to live.


If you want to do this by going further in your understanding of who you really are  – which is one spirit / oneness with everyone and everything in a physical body, experiencing life on a physical planet click here for more information.


Are you ready? Click the PayPal button below to purchase a session.

When you have paid, email me to make arrangements for your session.

or Call or Email me to have a chat