Touch, presence & energy course for bodyworkers

Touch, presence & energy – a three-day training course for bodyworkers and therapists


How to manage your and your client’s energy, use your intuition and deeply transform your clients through the presence and connection of your touch ~ with Fiona Maguire and Katrin Heuser


* Do you ever find yourself taking on your client’s energy or problems?
* Are you confident in taking your client through a deeply transformational process?
* Do you understand and know how to work with your own intuition?


If you do, this course is for you.


This course is as much for bodyworkers and therapists who have only just started their career and want to take their work to a deeper level, as well as those with a lot of experience, but who might feel overwhelmed by their client’s energy or how to handle the information they receive at times. 


In this three day training course you will learn:
* How to ground and connect deeply in yourself to access your energy and intuition.
* How to be fully aware of yourself and your process so that you can create trust and a safe space for you and your client.
* How to manage your energy.
* How to connect and engage with all ‘levels / parts’ of your client to help them integrate their process and come back to wholeness.
* Gain confidence in your touch and trust the information that you perceive through your touch and intuition.
* Gain access to different physiological layers of your client with your touch.


In this three day training course you will learn how to have a greater impact on the healing process of your clients and at the same time gain tools to help you be with and respect your own energy and process. You will develop awareness of your touch, energy and presence and how to work with energy in your chosen modality. 


What others say about the course 

“Dear Kat and Fiona,

I want to thank you once again for the three days, 28/30 July 2017 – Lisbon, for the course Touch, presence & energy. I enrolled in this course with the intention of knowing myself better and evolving in the sense of becoming more aware of my body and how I relate to the other and to the All. I can say with all the pleasure that I have fully attained my intention.

During the three days I lived and experienced moments of great pleasure and total awareness of myself and my body. I learned to accept and be focused on my emotions without exploding.

I learned and consciously understood how to be Grounded. I learned to set my boundaries, how to see, read and set my energy field.
I came aware of how to feel my body and so the way I relate in my intimacy and Love become much easier, even being able to feel my husband closer than when he is physically present.

At the end of the course the sensation was that all the pieces in the puzzle were connected. 

All this is due to the simple, practical and soft way in which Fiona and Kate make the transmission and passage of the information.

Grateful to both from my heart!
With Love Cristina Dias”


Course overview

Fiona’s and Katrin’s experience as therapists and teachers and the principles of clinical massage, craniosacral therapy, Thai Massage and working with energy, has lead them to create this detailed programme of presentations, talks, discussions, experiential exercises and partner work.


The following topics will be explored:

* What is energy?
* The importance of presence
* Managing your own energy
* What is intuition and why is it important?
* Grounding exercises
* The anatomical relevance of your touch
* Qualities of fascia
* The “attitude” of your touch
* Touching all facets of your client’s being (physical, energetic, emotional/mental, instinctive and spiritual)
* Integration into your own modality


About Fiona and Katrin

Fiona and Kat


Fiona is a Transformational Coach who works with energy. She has a very high level of intuition and a desire to connect deeply with herself, other people and Consciousness. This lead her to working as an assistant psychologist, massage therapist, craniosacral therapist and coach. All of this experience has shown Fiona the importance and power of presence, connection and touch. 

Katrin’s main passion lies in Thai Massage and Osteothai. As well as working as a therapist, she runs practitioner training courses in England and Portugal. She is also a yoga and meditation teacher and the co-director of Little Yoga Space. For her, her practice is a never-ending exploration of the body and mind, and a way of discovering the beauty of life.



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