Each session

is tailored to what you need,

structured to accomplish what you want

and to take you where you want, right now

A testimonial by Matthew Fry:


All in an open and accepting environment.

Whether it is work, home, or the balance between the two,

we will work together to make you stronger, clearer, and happier.


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My main aim is to empower you to tap into your own inner wisdom and guidance to know where you want to be and help you get there.


Like most coaches I will help guide you towards finding and acting on your own guidance and I do this by directly reading what your own guidance is.

If you would like more information about the 5 stages of Awakened Coaching that I will take you through to become fully aware, awake and live the life that you dream off click here.

Below is a video of me giving a client a coaching session.  The video is an hour long, however within the first 10 minutes you will get a good idea of how I can help you and how I work:

What is special about having sessions with Fiona:


If I read your energy / guidance and it does not resonate (i.e.does not agree) with the goal you have said that you want to achieve I will tell you.  This is a result of a goal that is set because of your conditioning, and will therefore will not ultimately serve you.


When this happens I will challenge and question you and help you clear your energy and know what goals resonate with your real energy and higher guidance. 


How will I know that I am in my real energy and higher guidance, I hear you ask?


Because you will be in flow with what you are doing and feel excited, focused and energised.  Importantly, this may mean that at first you feel uncomfortable. However, you will know that this is what you really want and will lead to you feeling fulfilled and happy.


This is not about me changing you!

You are the only one who can change you and your life!

I can help you to see how and accompany you on your amazing journey!

The first 20-minute session is free!

Use the contact form to arrange it!


Are you ready? Click the PayPal button below to purchase a session. When you have paid, email me to make arrangements for your session.

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More Information about the Coaching Session with Fiona Maguire

Having your goals with you – I find that the sessions are much more productive and beneficial if you come to the session with a goal.  This goal can be part of a larger plan. Whether your goal is for your career or your life, I can help you figure out how to make it happen.


How will you feel – We will talk about how you expect to feel and/or how you will change when you do achieve your goal. For women entrepreneurs, often our goals for our business life and our home life can seem like they are in conflict. Together, we will explore the ideas and conditioning that underlines these goals.  This enables us to uncover what you really want and create balance in your life!


Not sure what you want – Sometimes knowing what you want is difficult; as knowing what you want is halfway to achieving your goal! It’s not unusual to spend a fair amount of the first session establishing what you want. Check out my blog to get a head start on setting your goals.


Why work with me? – I can truly see your energies, desires, passions, and abilities.. Depending on what you need and want, I can just listen or I can actively work with you to make the changes you want. Sometimes you just need to bounce your ideas off of someone who interested in your success. I can be that person. Other times, you might need someone to help you move toward your success, by setting you task (for example). I can do that too.


Your new toolbox – I will teach you to clear your energy and resolve your issues. You will be empowered to do this for yourself and by yourself. Occasionally, there is a lot to do and we don’t have time to learn everything. When this happens, I can clear your energy for you.


After working with me – You will be stronger, clearer, have more energy, be balanced and be more confident.  No matter what challenges you meet in your life, knowing how to reset your energies can make all the difference and you will see challenges as opportunities.


The first 20-minute session is free! Use the contact form to arrange it!


Are you ready? Click the PayPal button below to purchase a session. When you have paid, email me to make arrangements for your session.


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