How Energetic NLP can Change Your Life



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Energetic NLP combines the best of NLP, transformation energetic work, energy healing, and intuition development for achieving success and personal and spiritual growth.


In an Energetic NLP session you can do any combination of the following and lots more:

  • Open up your ability to enhance your health using energy.
  • Run your own energy throughout your body – a key to maintaining health.
  • Let go of energy you have trapped in old emotions, limiting beliefs and programming.
  • Clear and remove programming and beliefs energetically, physically and mentally.
  • Release old events, emotions and confusion.
  • Remove limiting beliefs, old programming etc that you no longer need.
  • Release energy and emotional blocks to free up more of your own energy.
  • Be able to protect yourself from others’ “negative” energy.
  • Recover your energy from others.
  • Have more satisfaction and joy.
  • You will be less influenced by your history, family, and friends and more clear on your own truth.


What is a session like?

It is like a conversation. I will listen to you talk and teach you tools to achieve what you need.


What is NLP?

Neuro – How your thoughts…

Linguistic – How your language…

Programming – Effect your behaviour and reflect your conditioning.


Why Energetic?

Everything is energy. Traditional NLP does not take into account the energy of conditioning and the effect of other people’s energy on you.


By combining Energy with NLP, results are gained faster and once you truly release something you do not become stuck in those old patterns of thought and behaviour again.


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