Create the Life You Love, in 3 months

Would you like to break free of your biggest problem / obstacle / energy blocks and  gain freedom from “negative” energy and emotions to create a life with more vitality and joy than you ever thought possible?

In this intensive three month program, with one to one work as well as group webinars and Q&A sessions, we will work together to enable you to  Create the Life You Love.

What you will gain from this program:

  • Be free and happy
  • Break free of your biggest problem / obstacle and energy blocks
  • Experience life in technicolour by learning how to work with energy
  • Have the confidence and vitality to Create the Life You Love to Live
  • Understand that you are what you have been waiting for – Love / Awareness / Consciousness / Mind / All that is



“You have an amazing ability to swiftly change from working with one aspect of me to another. This extraordinary flexibility has given me deeper insights into what I needed to let go off and face in order to heal.

The tools you gave me have quickly worked to fully release me from my past and my own suffering.You have an accuracy with your energy work that is mind blowing, precise and detailed as if you lived my experiences.

By changing back and forth between all layers of me it was much easier to understand my behaviour and release my trauma.  Forever grateful for your work.”

What the Program Includes:

  • 6 individual coaching sessions, see here for value and more information
  • Email support
  • 2 emergency calls, of up to 20 minutes each.
  • 12 group webinars, one per week
  • 3 x group monthly question and answer sessions
  • One day live workshop / retreat in Portugal

This program is for you if you:

  • Feel it’s time to Be the True, Real You 
  • Want to live life on your own terms
  • Would like to thrive, rather than just survive
  • Keep repeating the same mistakes with the same results
  • Want to open up your Intuitive abilities and experience guidance and flow in your life
  • Want to create what you love AND love doing it
  • Inspire others to be all of who they are

Regina Kleinhenz

Systemic therapist and coach

“Coaching with Fiona has transformed my way of being with myself and other people completely. Every session has led to such profound insights which helped me to dissolve old patterns of thoughts and emotions that I had been struggling with for a very long time. I definitely recommend anybody who feels stuck or wants to make changes in their lives to work with Fiona.”

What you will gain and learn from the 12 group teaching webinars:

  • Group teaching in how to work with Energy
  • Individual coaching and teaching in the group
  • How to perceive energy
  • How to clear and clean your energy
  • How to release the past
  • How to create a new you
  • How to work with energies outside of you
  • How to manage other people’s energy
  • How to access and live in the present moment
  • How the Mind and (therefore) Life, really works
  • How to work with the energy of your chakras 
  • How to work with the energy of your heart
  • Plus…

Maude Audet Morin


“I saw few therapists in the past, but I could only identify the orign of my patterns but I would still feel stuck. I knew I needed to make life changing decisions, but I didn’t knew where to start but this is when Fiona came along!With her guidance I could experience drastic changes in my daily life.Fiona is a genuine woman, direct and transparent with whom I always felt I could just be myself, even if sometimes you are in a very vulnerable place. She is much more than a therapist, she does a little bit of magic (I believe!) working with the energies. She made me understand but also feel things in a very simple and practical way which I could directly apply to my life and see the benefit of it.I am very grateful she came along my path, she really helped me to free myself. Thank you again and again Fiona”

Why Fiona?

I have been asking myself the big questions and working with Energy all my life. I have learnt and come to know that Energy and Consciousness is the same thing – which is Life Force. To know the True Real You, you need to Rest in Consciousness and Play with your Energy. This is how you become to know that Consciousness, Energy and You are one and the same thing. This brings you the Joy, Freedom and Love you are looking for. 

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Early Bird £2,800

On February 1st price goes up to £3,000

Payment plans available, contact Fiona


  • Are there any refunds on this program? No. Once you commit, you commit.
  • Is there a payment plan available? Yes, contact Fiona for details
  • Are all the 1:1 session recorded? Yes. 
  • What happens when I click the Yes please link? You’ll be taken to your email provider.  Please send Fiona an email with your contact details and your availability for the free consultation to see if this program is for you and if you are right for this program.  She will then contact you to arrange your free consultation.
  • What if I have more questions? Contact Fiona email
  • Yes please, I want to know more