This blog will teach you how you can do emotional healing on yourself and deal with strong emotions, anxiety and stress.


It is 2012

and we have been getting told for a long time that

this year will bring great change

and new energies into the world.


A lot of people I know and clients are experiencing thoughts and emotions really strongly now.  All of this is buried thoughts and emotions from the past that have not been released yet.  Part of the change that wants to happen now in the world, requires us to let go of what has been holding us back, thoughts, emotions, perceptions, patterns etc and open up to the new energies.  We need to be open to be able to hear the message our hearts and higher selfs are trying to communicate to us.  Opening and listening to our higher selfs will enables us to integrate the new energies and the new energies will enable us to be in a greater connection with our higher selfs.


How do we do this?


A story from my own life.


On Saturday night on the way home from Bedford’s Health Show, all I wanted to do was get home before it started to snow.  A couple of years ago I was involved in two accident were other car drivers had slid on the ice and drove into my car.  So I really do not like to drive in the snow or ice.   It did not enter my mind that I needed more fresh food.  As soon as I got home it started to snow lightly.  I quickly tidied the house and prepared for my family coming over.  We had a good evening but they had to leave early because the snow was getting heavier.  I was tired from a long day and went to bed.


In the morning there was at least 4 inches of snow on the ground.  My mind started to race about not being able to see clients and the financial effects of this.  Then I started to beat myself up for not thinking about buying fresh food.  “I am usually so organised how stupid was I not to be ready” thoughts like this kept spinning around my head.  When I got out of bed to hear serve weather warnings on the TV and radio, I felt worse.  I could not believe that I was not prepared.  My mind chatter was driven by my emotion of fear of possibly needing to drive in the snow.


I did what I always do if I feel bad and cannot slow down my mind, I went for a walk.  This also gave me a chance to see how ‘bad’ things were.  I was not too pleased with the results.  However the thoughts in my mind began to flow, as I stopped getting involved in them and adding to them.  As the walk helped me to be more in my body and my energy to flow, rather than spin in my head and stomach.  I felt clearer.  


When I got home I sat down and closed my eyes asking my heart what to do.  The answer came straight away.  “Walk across the fields to the bigger village store and get some fresh food”.  This answer was clear, soft and direct (a sign for me that it is from my heart and thus higher self).  When I opened my eyes I then started to feel some fear, as a few years ago I fell in the snow and fractured my right arm.  Breathing I knew that if this was the message from my heart than I would be OK.  I took my phone and told a neighbor were I was going (I prepared myself) and went.


I felt so empowered when I got home with my fresh food that could last 5 days or more.


What to do when we are triggered and feel bad.


The story above shows that the best and quickest way to stop making a perceived problem worse is to:


  • Get into your body (this may mean moving, like going for a walk or dancing).
  • Not getting involved in following the thoughts, just allow them to be there.
  • Allowing your energy to flow, by not becoming the emotion and acting out the emotion.
  • When you have done these things, sit and allow your heart / higher self to speak to you.
  • The message will probably be clear, soft (said in soft tone, but not always good to hear) and direct.
  • Act on the message, which may mean doing nothing at all.


It really is this easy if you allow yourself to do this.  


I appreciate that when in the mist of being triggered and feeling bad that it is not easy.  This is when knowing that this works really helps us to do it.  This knowing only come through practicing being in your body and allowing your thoughts and emotions not to overwhelm you.


This is why I created the “Key to Awareness” process to help people be able to do this and know that it works.


You can learn the process with me in 1 to 1 coaching, in groups, or teach yourself using “How to Act , rather than reacting; a practical guide to Key to Awareness” available on this website or Amazon or Watersones, in Bedford.


To hear how you can heal yourself from illness, procrastination, fear listen to this audio blog.

Emotional Healing, anxiety and stress
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  • February 9, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    Great blog Fiona and sound guidance – whats more it works!


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