We often think or see ourselves as parts, a body, a mind, a heart, and for some of us also a soul and spirit.  Society supports this general view that we are separate parts, both within ourselves and from each other.  


The advantage of this is that it makes it easier to talk about, conventional medicine breaks us into different parts, that doctors are specialists in, and it makes research easier.  This way of thinking was encouraged in us to help us with language and communication.  That is, at first we learn the general purpose or name of an object and then we learn to classify it, for example we are taught that an animal can be a a dog or a cat and will probably think that they are the same thing, until we learn that they are different.  We then learn that the category of cats includes lions, tigers and domestic cats and the categories become increasingly narrower and more complicated.


The problem is that as we become older we start to believe that if one part of the body is injured, say the foot, that this will have nothing to do with another part of the body, i.e. with stiffness in the shoulder.  Similarly we believe that separate parts like the mind and the thoughts that happen in the mind, have nothing to do with other parts, like the body or the emotions.  Furthermore believing that you consist of separate parts often means that you get fixated with one part at the determent of the rest of you.


Another way of thinking about this would be to see that these parts make up who you are and who you are is a whole being.


Albert Einstein said “You cannot solve a problem at the level (part) that it was created”.  However if your tendency is to believe more strongly in the mind than in your emotions you are likely to try to solve a problem using your mind, even if you feel that the solution your mind comes up with is the wrong one.  


Thinking in parts keeps us stuck in our beliefs, perceptions and behavioral patterns.  Therefore, it stops us knowing and living our full potential.  It also causes separation within yourself, between you and others and separation from the universe. 


You have all you need inside of you


You do if you are operating from the whole of you, rooted into the wholeness of who you are and listening to your intuition.  When you are whole you can sense and know that you are not separate from the universe and it is the same life force that grows an oak tree that grows and moves through you.


When you acknowledge your wholeness the previous barriers and obstacles to the body’s natural healing mechanism fade away and you can blossom into your full health and full potential.


Being in the wholeness of who you are it is easier to see the wholeness of who someone else is.  From this view point their ‘somewhat annoying habits’ do not compare to the beauty of who they really are.


Part 2 of “The Key to Awareness” process gives you exercises that bring you into wholeness.  Part 1 of the process helps you become aware of how your thoughts and emotions act together and influence your beliefs and behaviours.


If you want to be healthy, reach your full potential and be aware now purchase “The Key to Awareness” process in a manual* that you can go through at your own pace during your day to day life.  


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Are you alone?
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2 thoughts on “Are you alone?

  • May 3, 2012 at 12:13 am

    Nice article Fiona. In these modern times we have become obsessed with breaking things down into small components which in themselves add little value. I blame the overuse of engineeriing theories. Divide and conquer has, and still is, being used to control us! Love can’t be broken down though and is very powerful when we all join together.

  • August 23, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Thanks Steve. Sorry for the delay in the reply.


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