Be conscious of all the choices you make.

We make choices every moment of every day.  Make your choices consciously, be aware of each choice you make.  Sometimes, or in certain areas of your life it feels like you did not choose; or at least you cannot remember choosing. 

How I came to know that I was not always being conscious. 

I was moaning about the time that I had at friend’s farm, lets call him Jim, to another  friend, lets call her Claire.  At the time I thought I was describing what happened and what was happening so she could understand it.  My friend was patient with me for a while.  Then she said to me “where are you in all of this”.  My first reaction was “I’m telling you”.  Then I realised that most of what I had told her was about Jim and all he had done and what he wanted me to do.  

So where was I in all of this?  

I was not present; I was still caught up in moaning about it all.  If I was present I would have been conscious of my choices and I would have chosen to act differently and I would not be moaning.  I decided at this point to take responsibility for my actions and make choices consciously.  I knew that this would benefit my aims of learning about the farm, learning about myself and being aware.

Wise words:

Sr Metta once told me at Amavarti that “if a person feels used, it is because they have not take responsibility for their actions”.  Which also means that they have not taken responsibility for the choices they have made.

Can anyone make you Feel anything?

Nobody can make you feel anything and it is rare that a person can make you do anything: just ask the parents of a toddler!  So the next time you find yourself moaning about what another person has done to you ask yourself “Where am I in all of this” and start making your choices consciously.

In Awareness

In awareness you are naturally conscious of all your choices.  As you progress and become more aware you are naturally guided to what needs to be done and you find yourself effortlessly doing it.

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Are You conscious of the choices you make?

3 thoughts on “Are You conscious of the choices you make?

  • November 20, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Tank you Fiona for all your information Í am really so thankfull for that. Today something happend and I felt that I get into the drama again in my thoughts. But after a few sekunds I asked my self.What did I do to create this hahahah i really understand directly!!
    I create every sekund of my life I really love this and I am so thankfullo to bee in this time of possibllities!I am so afraid of to take place but I really get forward with that.Thank you again my dear friend!!!
    In tree weeks my skin on the feet and hands falling of I am like a snake new born with new skinn!!

  • December 19, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    thanks for those wise words ive just got to remember them keep them coming :} :}

  • January 16, 2012 at 11:58 am

    Thank you Brenda, you are more than welcome x


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