Hello I am Fiona Maguire.  I am a Clinical Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist and an Energetic and Intuitive Life Coach; which means I can intuitively see what is causing you pain or upset and help you resolve it so you can be pain free and get on with your life.


Stuck Energy

All of the treatments I offer are beneficial for back pain.  What I have written below is a case study of how stuck energy and “life story” effects back pain and back problems.  A few weeks ago I saw a women, lets call her Sarah, who said that she has been diagnosed with Sciatica by her doctor and the pain is so bad at the moment that she has to work from home.  Sarah said that she was in immense pain and wanted to know what I could do to help her.


Life Story

I asked Sarah what was happening in her life when she first noticed the pain.  Sarah told me that she was not enjoying her work anymore and was feeling more and more drained by work than see had ever done so before.  As Sarah spoke I realised that she was not feeling comfortable with her work colleagues and a lot of changes had taken place that were not enjoyable to Sarah.



When I physically examined Sarah the test for sciatica and the test for stuck S.I. joints were both negative.  However, Sarah did have a right hand side drop of her pelvic bone.  This is caused by a weak / stretched Psoas muscle on the right and a strong / over tight psoas muscle on the left.  


I explained this to Sarah and asked her if we could do some energy work to see if we could get rid of the pain.  I assured Sarah that we would do physical work at the end if the “energy stuff” did not work.  Sarah agreed.


Energy Work

What I felt was that Sarah had picked up a lot of negative energy from her colleagues and was no longer in touch with her own Real Energy and life force.  I taught Sarah how to clear other people’s energy from her body and energy field (personal space).  


Sarah has a strong work ethic that as well as being good for her, also drives her to constantly work rather than take time for herself.  This belief showed up when Sarah impatiently said “I have a lot of work to do, why am I doing this?”.  When Sarah relaxed this pattern of behaviour and allowed herself to do the exercise, she felt better.  


I then taught Sarah how to own her body and energy field.  Sarah than said that she “needed time to let this settle”.  I replied “I understand that is how things have happened in the past.  Can you have the intention that what you say is happening now”.  Sarah gave me a confused look than closed her eyes.  In less than 30 seconds she opened them again and smiled at me.  All the pain had gone and Sarah’s hips were perfectly in alignment.


I told Sarah that she needed to let go of the story of what had happened at work and just keep clearing other people’s energy out of her body and mind.  This means that it is important that she does not keep playing or analyzing what has happened in her head and she just lets the energy go.


After Care

I taught Sarah how to keep her hips in alignment with a simple physical exercise.  We were short of time and this whole process was less than 25 minutes.  Two weeks later Sarah is completely mobile and 90% of the time free of all pain.  Given a little more time I would of either went into why she was so open to everyone else’s energy or I would physically smoothed her body with Clinical massage.

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Back pain

2 thoughts on “Back pain

  • October 27, 2012 at 9:30 am

    This is very interesting and I’d like to know a bit more about the techniques that you used to help the lady to let go of the energy that wasn’t hers.

  • November 1, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    Hi Martina
    There are plenty of free resources on my website. I believe the best way to clear your energy is to know what you are feeling and thinking in the first place so that when you feel something else it is easier to know if it is yours or not; the way that I would recommend to know this is to ground yourself using the free audio tracks that you get when you signin to my website. I would also recommend clearing your energy using the “Magnet in the lake” visualisation exercise that is give away free in one of my blog pages. I would also recommend setting your energy field, I have video on this in my YouTube channel called RealEnergy4All and I will write a blog post about it. I have wanted to do an animated one but have not found the right person to help me with this yet – watch this space.
    If you would like any further information or a free 20 minute session please contact me. Love and light Fiona


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