Back to work Blues

At the airport, queuing at the boarding gate, I got speaking to a couple in their thirties.  Soon into the conversation they both said that they were not looking forward to going back to work.  I did not know what to say but whatever look I must of had on my face prompted them to say “We like our jobs”. 

Immediately three questions sprung into my mind:

  • How many times have they had this thought?
  • How long have they been thinking it?
  • What emotions flood through their body with this thought?

Every time they have this thought it takes them away from the connection that they have with themselves, what they are doing and who they are with.  Then their body dutifully responds to the thought and creates emotions of sadness, doubt, regret or any other less than beneficial emotion and energy.   When previous to the thought arising they might of been feeling OK, good or even having a great time.

Imagine how much worse this would be if they did not like their jobs?

How often do you disconnect from yourself, your aliveness and creativity and from loved ones because you have given attention to a thought that floods you with contradicted and limited energy and emotion?

They, like you, are not victims of their job or their thinking about their job.  Emotion will arise with a thought when you give the thought attention.

This is how the mind and the body works.

Remember you are what is aware of ‘your’ thoughts and emotions, this means that what you think and feel is NOT what is actually true or actually happening but IT IS the story you tell yourself about it.

You can break this habit of attaching and giving meaning to your thoughts, by recognising that you make up the story you tell yourself.If you leave the thoughts and it's story alone, new thinking and ideas will come.

If you like things to be more practical here you go:

If you are aware of the thought you can check out whether it is true or not and then wether it is useful to give it attention now or wait until later.  Sometimes we are unaware of the thought until we are feeling the emotion of it; this often happens because the thought is from conditioned thinking and we are often unaware of our conditioning.

Bringing awareness to something is really important, as it 

  • Brings conditioning and unconscious behaviour into consciousness.
  • When conscious / aware we have choices as to how we respond.

This means that if you do not like you job you have choices as to what you can do.  For example:

  • Get a different job.
  • Concentrate on what you like about your job.
  • Work on your strengthens and ask for training.
  • See if you can get promoted.
  • If you get out of your old thinking, by not habitually repeating it and leaving it alone, new thinking and ideas will come.

Work and HSP

Work can be a stressful environment for HSP and empaths, particularly if you do not like your job. So here is what you can do:

  • Make a list of all the things that you do like about your job and another list of all the things that you do not like.
  • Check out what is actually true from the lists that you have made.

Do you

  • Feel drained by other people. 
  • Feel tired. 
  • Need to be by yourself at the end of the day.

If you do, you probably are absorbing other people’s energy and may even be leaving your energy in other people and places. 

This can leave you feeling like you are a victim or that other people are doing things to you.

I can help you to empower yourself by Mastering your Energy / Unconscious mind and knowing howe the mind really works.

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