You need to be in your body to feel your feelings, know what you are thinking and experience what you are creating!


People dissociate from their bodies for all different reasons, because they believe that they do not belong here, they have been traumatized, to they just do not like to feel their emotions.


To not feel your emotions takes up a lot of your time and energy. 

More importantly it often creates mental, emotional and physical illnesses.  As a result of the person normally being able to be ‘out of their body’ and therefore not able to feel the early signs of physical pain and discomfort, when they do become aware of it they are in a great deal of pain.


People come to see me for all kinds of reasons from physical pain, to setting and achieving goals, a relaxing physical treatment, to a sense of “I’m just not happy, contented, I feel trapped” etc.  It is my experience that the people with the most pain, wether it be physical, mental or emotional have got themselves into the habit of avoiding their feelings and not appropriately expressing their emotions.


My answer to all of them is that you need in your body to feel your feelings, know what you are thinking and experience what you are creating! 

I encourage them all to become present and allow themselves to feel their emotions. 

Emotions are chemical reactions created by the body to alert you to something.  This is why some people say that emotions are messages from our unconscious mind to our conscious mind.


When we allow ourselves to feel what we feel without thinking about it and analysing it, justifying it or judging it, it will increase in intensity and then just fade away.  What you will be left with is a sense of calmness and clarity about what it is that you need.


This is what one person had to say about experiencing being present in their body:


“During one break, I worked with Fiona on listening to my body, hearing what it was telling me and recognising how I can use this in everyday life. And I have never looked back. It was a simple exercise to reconnect me to who I am.  Her knowledge and the ability to truly see people is a gift that everyone should experience in their lifetime.”

Emma Wheat
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC , ACC
ICF Accredited


If you want to be aware of what you are creating read my book “Key to Awareness” – All you need to know to become aware, in your own time by yourself.  A one time purchase to Awareness.

Be in your Body!
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