Living things are Alive and Beautiful.

The life force pulses through them continuously growing and becoming more beautiful as they go through their life cycle.

Flowers start as seeds, then stems, grow leaves and a bud that blossoms into a beautiful flower.

But most humans want to stay the same.  

Many people start out striving for something, then at some point settle for what they have.  They plod along each day doing the same old thing over and over again.  Often complaining about the Rut they are in.  Then as they are about to die they regret that they did not spend more time with their family or sail around the world or …


Some day is not some time in the future

It is NOW


You are here to create beauty, to be beautiful,

to blossom like the flower

and to continuous grow through your life cycle.

Beautiful Flower


This is easier to do than you may think, like the flower all you need to do is allow the Life Force to pulse through you, guiding you.

You know when this is happening as you feel Totally ALIVE, Joyful and Peaceful.

When do you feel like this?


Is it when you are dancing, writing, playing, walking, cycling, sitting with the sun on your face… when?

Write them all down.


Than do more of this (what ever you wrote down) and feel more ALIVE, Joyful and Peaceful everyday.  

Take a moment and feel ALIVE, Joyful and Peaceful now.

Feeling ALIVE, Joyful and Peaceful everyday will literally change the chemicals in your body, your cells and your DNA.  It will heal you and bring you more health and vitality – this is scientifically proven*


It is not selfish to do this

because you doing it enables the people that surround you, the people you love , to do the same.  And don’t you want them to feel more ALIVE, Joyful and Peaceful everyday?


Imagine what your boss or the people that ’cause you problems’ would be like if they felt more ALIVE, Joyful and Peaceful everyday?  Wouldn’t that make your life better and easier?


Go on write down when you feel 

ALIVE, Joyful and Peaceful and feel it NOW.

* references

“Becoming Supernatural” by Dr Joe Dizpensa.

and “Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality” by Dawson Church PhD.

Be Uniquely You – Be Beautiful

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