How to Be Empowered

A true personal story about being empowered.

I wanted a bed built that would fit inside my van, because I want to use my van to sleep in when I go travelling with my dog. A freind told me what he would do and how much it would cost. He would attach a frame for the bed into the holes that are part of the inside of the structure of the van and the bed would be in two half which would be placed onto this frame. I was not quite ‘happy’ or ‘comfortable’ with the idea. 

The first reason was that the frame was too high and I would not be able to sit with my back straight on the percent side of the bed, therefore reducing the comfort of using it as a sofa. 

The second was that I wanted as much wood as possible to have multiple purposes, to save money, resources and space and weight in the back of the van.

So I decided to do some research on the internet about beds in minivans. I came across a youtube channel and really liked the way that she built her bed. I checked out the resources that she gave in her video description and made the courageous decision to do it myself. This was courageous because I have not worked with wood for four years, I have never made a bed before and I do not have any tools.

What I did have was excitement and plenty of enthusiasm.

Making the bed.

It was a lot of fun and a few challenges to make the bed.  It was a challenge to hold a piece of wood that is slightly longer than I am tall in the air, whilst I use the other hand to screw another piece of wood to it. 

My back also hurt after a few hours of coaching in the van and my posture being in funny unfamiliar angles.

I made mistakes that I hopefully will not make again.

Feeling Empowered.

I was very excited making the bed and it was the last thing that I would think about at night and the first thing I would think about in the morning.  What I noticed very early on in the building was that I felt very empowered to be doing it by myself.  There was a voice in my head that did not want to mess it up, that would tell me that I could not do it, especially in the beginning when I was learning how to use a new tool.  I was also afraid to mess it up.  I let these thoughts be and I enjoyed the process.

Being Empowered is being Free of limitations.

The best thing I have gained from this experience is that I am not going to give what I think are my limitations any importance. 

I will simply ask myself do I want to do it? 

Then I will ask myself how. 

Limitations are only thoughts that you, and I, have made up about what we think we can do and not do.

If you do not try how do you know that the thought is true?

Our limitations, like all automatic reactions and thinking comes from our conditioning which is everything the we got taught about ourselves and the world. 

If you continue to do the same thing in the same way then you are reinforcing your conditioning and your patterns get reinforce, that is become even stronger.

Break Free by trying something new. 

You will probably enjoy it. 

The sense of empowerment in me came as soon as I decided to try it. 

The empowerment was not related to the outcome of actually building the bed myself. 

The empowerment was in the doing and not listening to my programmes and patterns.

Stop repeating the same mistakes and Empower yourself

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