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“The Key to Awareness, BREAK FREE from all the Sh!t”

Step by expert step, Fiona applies her 20-years of professional experience to guide you to the life you desire.

Fiona explains: “I created ‘The Key to Awareness’ to end the clutter and confusion in my own life. I was stuck in a world of anger and disappointment and I want to share how I broke free. ‘The Key to Awareness’ is a manual to find purpose and freedom.”


Do you want to

  • Experience the Freedom of Awareness.
  • Create the Life that You love to Live,

(instead of the life you think you have to).


Feedback to Fiona’s work is forceful:


“I respond so differently now by being more confident and assertive.” says reader Angela Davis.

“It helped me be more present in the here and now, rather than stuck in the past or over thinking what will happen in the future.”  Orshe Lefler.

“I have stopped sabotaging my life and my happiness.”  Vadia Rademaker

Ed Lincoln – Publishing Consultant comments: “It’s packed full of useful ideas and techniques. It definitely does what Fiona claims it does!”


This Second Edition includes the

MP3 tracks of the Awareness exercises in Part 2 of this manual

for FREE. 


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“The Key to Awareness,

BREAK FREE from all the Sh!t”

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