Burn Out –

Do you feel burnt out?

  • In need of a holiday?
  • Want to escape?

A beach near my home.

What if you could go away for a few days and when you return you would feel:

  • NO stress at all, NOT LESS Stress
  • Know what you want and 
  • How to get it? 

This is because you would see and understand your situation, circumstances and yourself differently.  As you uncover your “true identity” and understand that you create your experiences of life.


What is Burn Out?

I lost control as my car glided on ice and slid of the road.  As I hit the tree head on the first thing that went through my mind was “I have to get out of here!”.  Nothing complete silence, followed for a few seconds. My instinct was to get out of the car.   As I realised that I was not in any more danger, the pain then flowed through my body and my knees gave way to shock. I knew then that ‘I’ was telling myself I needed to leave my job.  The job that I had spent 4 years studying psychology to get and the job I needed to apply to become a clinical psychologist.

I was not even meant to go to the hospital that day, as I was on a training day.  I was very angry with what I discovered in that brief visit.


Cause of Burn out:

It took me awhile to realise that I was ‘suffering’ with things that often cause burn out:

Control – I felt that I had no real say, control, over what happened to my patients.

Objectives, goals, that don’t resonate with you – I did not resonate with the larger system of mental health care.

Lack of support, especially social support – I did not feel supported by one of the managers, who was present on the that day over 20 years ago. 


Does this sound familiar to you?


If it does you will benefit very much from my Intensive Transformational sessions.

The Benefits of Intensive Transformational sessions:

  • Gain clarity – have time to reflect on your life and be heard by me to see what is really going on, rather than what you think is happening, in an idyllic setting with spectacular views to rest.
  • See your options – by releasing the emotional baggage and the mental fog that keeps you feeling stuck.
  • Experience your Unlimited Potential  – by releasing your anxiety and stress. 
  • Be Fulfilled, Happy and Healthy  – by understanding that you already have everything you need.
  • Uncover your “true identity” and understand that you create your experiences of life. 


It took me longer to realise that I did not resonate with how psychology was being used to treat people – I will write about that in another blog.   

Burn out

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