Most advertisers try to make you believe that one decision can.  Companies and individuals use all kind of fear tactics to make you think that you NEED their product or service to make your life better.

Decision Making

Often society, our eduction, work, friends and family think that ever decision you make is a ‘life saving decision’ that ‘will effect the rest of your life’.  Often with good intentions friends and family can put pressure on you to make up your mind.  This pressure often creates more Stress that is just not needed.

If you feel forced into something, than maybe you know it is not right for you?


May I share my story with you?

I use to spend hours, days and sometimes much longer contemplating what I believed were big decisions for my life.  I also believed that most things needed to be acutely planned and strategised.

Then I would wonder why certain relationships, jobs and business opportunities did not work out.

Do you do this?

Then about a few weeks ago when I was not thinking or doing anything in particular, the insight arose that there was a continuous thread in my life and I had made conscious choices to keep following.  The conscious choices were to have and end relationships, not to have children and to travel and have plenty of different experiences.  These decisions, even to me, often seemed random.  However the insight was that the constant thread was that the way I saw other people living their life seemed ‘insane’ to me

These decisions, even to me, often seemed random.  However the way I saw other people living their life seemed ‘insane’ to me.  My insight was that the constant thread of my life was that I was trying to Break Free and discover what true freedom is.


Why is this Important for You?

For two reasons:

Reason 1

It shows that like me you and everyone has inner wisdom that is constantly guiding you.

It may seem that you get of track or take a detour, but don’t stress!  Because your Inner Wisdom is the Greater Intelligence that gives life to every living being in the Universe.

Therefore you never really make mistakes or go wrong because you are guided and animated (repeatedly brought to life) by this Greater Intellegence.


Do you need more proof?

Imagine what it would be like if you had to think about making your heart beat or digesting your food?  You would not have time to think, no matter do anything else.  Yet, your body carries out millions of tasks every second with out any thought or planing required.

Look at Nature, does she make any mistakes?  Does she sit around pondering  or procrastinating decisions?

I doubt it, Nature seems amazingly beautiful and intelligent to me.


Can a single decision determine your life?

I hope you see that the answer is no.

Of course a decision can alter your life, like the decision to have children for example, and I bet this decision was all guided by your inner wisdom.

The point of this blog is “not to sweat the small stuff” or the “Big stuff” as you are guided by wisdom.


Reason 2

True freedom is freedom of your mind, this brings you wisdom that guides your life with love and joy.

Can a single decision determine your life?
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