How to work with habits and thoughts that do not serve you?


  1. Do not judge the thought or the behaviour.
  2. Notice that you are doing and thinking, without dwelling on it.
  3. Accept it, without criticism, judgement, story or adding thoughts and feeling to it.
  4. Ground yourself i.e. become present in the moment.  (Do my grounding exercise that is free when you sign-in to my website).
  5. Ask if the thought(s) / behaviour and the way you are feeling have a message for you. Again just allow this in accept, do not try to farce anything just accept.
  6. Wait and see what happens.
  7. When you are having thoughts and doing behaviours that are different from your habit, take a moment to notice how you feel.
  8. Appreciate what you are doing and appreciate yourself for doing it / thinking it.


I believe we change habits / thoughts by appreciating when we are doing well, which is different or even opposite of the habit, as this encourages us to do more of the ‘new’ behaviour and gives us more reasons for doing the ‘new’ behaviour / doing well.


Try this out and let me know how you get on.

Changing thoughts and habits.

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