Christmas can give you a Heart Attack!

There is so much pressure and expectation to have a Great Christmas, that for many people Christmas is the most stressful time of year.

Christmas time is a mass of complex social arrangements with friends and family, some of which you would normally do anything to avoid.

There are many expectations to buy the ‘right’ presents, create a beautiful meal and for everyone to enjoy themselves. So much so that one study* suggest it can literally give you a heart attack! 

Have you ever had that feeling that when you are around your parents you suddenly become, or at least feel, like you are 3 years old again?

Angry and frustrated child

This is because you have been triggered back into the roles that you played as a child. 

Even if you are aware of this you might think that this is the only or easier option. 

However, you feel more and more frustrated as the day goes on. 

And the last thing you do is actually enjoy yourself!

You can put the Joy and Cheer back into Christmas.

Image how much happier and less stressful Christmas would be if you could…

  • Clear your energy 
  • Connect deeply with yourself, to know what you want and need. 
  • Be balanced and calm, no matter what is happening around you. 
  • Recognise when you are triggered and how to clear it. 
  • Have healthy boundaries.

You can learn all this before Christmas in my 21 Day Program Master Your Energy.

This is what Peter had to say after I showed him how to clear his energy:

“To think that the problem about the kid’s Mum and the ‘outlaws’ bugged me for years, and despite trying other things, I’d never had any success until now. The technique you used was excellent, the ‘symbol’ has like gone, vanished, and with it the pain. Pretty awesome. My Mum would love you!!”

Peter Stapleton

You can do this program at your own pace, as it is online and you will receive an email everyday containing everything you need.

There is 21 days to Christmas.

Here is what Lynne had to say:

“Since I have learnt to be in my body and feel all my feelings; life has taken on a whole new meaning and I feel so much happier.”

Lynne Hall

Click here for more information and to purchase the Master Your Energy 21 Day, 10 Step program.

If you would like to buy this program for someone you care about, or you would like them to have more Joyful energy, contact me and we can arrange that.

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