You Don't have to Suffer Anymore!

Do what sparks a light in you.

Image a life where you are doing what

your heart longs for?

In a way that you enjoy and sets you on Fire?

This is what it is like

to be in your Real Energy.

When you are in your Real Energy

you are aligned with your heart’s desire

and you are creating it in the world

If you really want to Break Free

I can help you to Quickly


see what a client had to say..

“The amount of money that I have spent on coaching, then you come along and with a few session have pinpointed my issues and cleared them! It is fantastic, amazing. I have never met anyone like you you are great.”

Iona, London. 

Project Manager

My secret is I read your energy

to know what is at the core of your suffering

and I work with all of you. 

Over 20 years of experience has shown me that

unless all ‘parts’ of you are cleared on all levels,

you will recreate your suffering. 

This is why only energy work

or only psychological work

or mindset training

does NOT

create long lasting change.

When you work with me to

Break Free

you will never experience the

same Suffering and Pain again.

I work with all of you:

Energy - To Clear Energy, Blocks and Programs that do not serve you or is not yours. 

Your Conscious Mind - your beliefs and thoughts, so you have belief changing insights.

Your Emotions - to release the chemistry that keeps you physically in pain and suffering.

Your Physical Body - to release stress and Tension and increase energy flow.

The Unconscious mind’s programming and conditioning - is changed / rewritten so you no longer sabotage yourself and you are free to create the Life You Love to Live.

All these Benefits / Changes ONLY happen if all of you is worked with.

Like a car you can only run well on your own Special mixture of Energy, which is your Real Energy.


See what a client had to say...

This is not the usual therapy session where you just speak during an hour. It is dynamic as we do exercises together and Fiona gets involve in your experience, she is there with and for you.

Maude Audet Morin
Maude Audet Morin

Marine Biologist

What working with me is like:

  • Each sessions last for one hour, sometimes it may go over slightly.
  • I mostly work with people for 6 sessions, as part of a coaching package. Which normally takes 5 to 10 weeks, depending on how fast the person wants to work.
  • We will talk about what you are experiencing now.
  • I deeply listen to you and reflect back to you what you said. Clients often say this is the first time they have really heard themselves.
  • I ask you questions that guide you to your own insights and uncover your Inner Wisdom.
  • I guide you through exercises and work with all your structures – your mind – conscious, unconscious thoughts, emotions, physical body, behaviour and energy.
  • I keep you focused on what you want to achieve from working with me.  This is what one client said “the sessions are very focused on results rather than analysis of the issue”.

The Benefits of having a Coaching Package

1 A free copy of my book “The Key to Awareness; BREAK FREE from all the Sh!t" in print or PDF.

2 Pre package questionnaires, to save you time and money.

3 Recordings of each session

4 A summary email of each session

5 PDF’s of the energy exercises we do in each sessions

6 Email support between sessions if you need it

7 If you are in crisis or having a hard time, you can call me once during your package and we will have a brief talk to help you gain Clarity and Move Forward.