Fiona MaguireI am an International Transformative Coach, Psychologist, Author and Speaker.


I am passionate about helping people create their visions and love what they do.  The moment when people let go of their limiting patterns and realise who they Really are, is what I live for.


The greatest thing I have learned in my life is that I am free, I am peace and I am love.


In other words I gained freedom from my mind – I know that I am not my thoughts, emotions, past or experiences. 


My dream is that everyone is Free and Happy.


Open the doors of your mind, To blow away the limiting ideas.

I like being outside in nature, walking, hiking and cycling.  True stories in books and and film capture my attention and feed my imagination.  I like meeting people and socialising.  



When I was a child I realised that I could tell what other people were feeling and that often the people themselves were unsure of what they were feeling.  This could make me unpopular, however it fascinated me.  I think this is why I studied a Psychology degree.


When I graduated I worked in a Psychiatric hospital for young people aged 11 to 18 years old.  The theoretical knowledge I had from my degree and the different therapeutic techniques that I was taught in the hospital were beneficial for the children.  However, it was my ability to intuitively know what the young people were feeling and what they needed that made my work with them highly beneficial.  


What I had not yet learnt was how to give so much to others without draining away my own energy and health – I just burnt out.  I decided to take an advanced course on massage therapy and discovered I was a natural at it. 


Over a period of time I set up a clinic part time, then full time.  I discovered I could really know what people’s bodies needed. Again I believe it was my unique balance between natural intuition and academic study that enabled me to get (and still get) amazing results. This encouraged me to discover even more about physical, mental and emotional health. 


I studied a two year course in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (CST) with Franklin Sills.  Biodynamic CST is a non-invasive, subtle therapy that realigns the person back into their blueprint- your blueprint is your true essence and contains everything you are and what you came into this lifetime to do.   In another words it helps the person heal on all levels of their being – physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually etc.  An essential part of this course was that we had to all under go intense Biodynamic CST within the course and outside of the course I saw a Core Process Psychotherapist.  All of my conditioning and who I thought I was came up for me and everyone else to see.  This was not easy and there were many times that I just wanted to run away and hide.


I will forever appreciate everyone that was on the CST course with me.  For the first time, and for two years, I experienced the power and importance of being accepted.  Being accepted allowed me to experience who I thought I was and have the freedom to allow this to change when I realised that was not who I was.


For the next three years I focussed on getting to know myself  and living from a place of guidance from my heart.  I wanted to know who I was without the expectations of others and the titles and identity that I “carried” with me in the UK.  I spent time at home and abroad in Buddhist temples, hiking and snorkeling.  I needed time to understand and hone my intuitive abilities as an energy healer and reader, which were skills I had had all my life but not been fully comfortable using because of other people’s fears and prejudice.


When I returned to the UK I was really content living through the guidance of my heart, intuition and Higher Self / Spirit / Source / Creator of all that is and being who I really am.  However, I must admit that sometimes I got triggered into my old behaviour patterns as this was often expected by other people.  Over time I reacted less and embraced my who I really am more and more.


Subsequently I studied Energetic NLP and I have recently qualified as an Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.


As you can see I have completed a lot of academic study and am qualified in a lot of different therapies.  This, with my natural intuitive abilities enables me to help you discover who you are and create a life that expresses who you are, which sets you free and is full of joy. 


I am offering a free 20 minute phone session for You to try this work.