What is the meaning of Easter?


I went to a Catholic School and attend Sunday School until I was about 8 years old.  From what I remember I was taught that Jesus died on the cross so that God would forgive mankind, us, for our sins.  


God then gave new life to Jesus, his son, to show that he does forgive – if you follow him, and to show the power of God.  I was taught that God was a mighty power that judged you, punished you and if you followed him your life would be easier.  In another words I was taught to fear God and the consequences of my actions!


I never felt that this made sense.  Why would God give life to the Universe, everything and everyone in it and then sit and judge my actions?  At some point in my life I stopped calling the energy of creation that I felt God and started to call it Universal Life Energy or Life Force.  Which just is and does not judge.


So what is the Truth?


I recently read that it was Jesus that decided not to defend himself or deny his claim of being the son of God.  Jesus said that when he was hanging on the cross “There were times when I did experience pain” when he was totally identified with only his body.  Jesus explains that it is not the wish of God to test anyone or for them to experience pain or suffering.  As “…there is no suffering in the Mind of God”.  God’s only wish is that you experience the essence of that which He is – Joy, Peace and Love – which is your essence. 


“Choices made to experience suffering and pain are simply experiences which will ultimately prove to you that they have been choices made apart from the Will of God”.


Which means that when you are experiencing pain and / or suffering you have forgotten the essence of who you are. 


Lately when I have been in immense pain, believing this and remembering it has not been easy.  However deep within me, in my essence I could say, I feel and know this to be true.  I believe that we all choose what we experience in life.  


If this seems too harsh to swallow then maybe you will agree with this – your experience is determined by your perception of that experience.  The evidence for this is very clear when you consider that it is normal that two people will have a completely different perception (memory) of the same event.  Just think back to the last disagreement you had with a loved one…


Why is this important?


It is important because I feel that the way to heal myself of the pain that I am experiencing at the moment is to be in touch with and feel my essence.  Then I need to make all my choices and actions from my essence.


This is scary as it requires me to do it at a deeper and more consistent level than I have done before; I am entering the Unknown and I do not know what will come out of this.


Are you willing to be in your essence to heal and live a life you love, filled with joy and peace?


I would love to share your journey and assist you, contact me.



(all quotes from p.131 of ‘Dialogue on Awakening, Communion with Jesus’, Carpenter 1996).

The Deeper Painful Truth of Easter

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