• Do you live in your head?

  • Do you spend lots of time analysing or replaying things?

  • Is it important to you that you are right?


If you do feel like this you are not alone and I have good news of you.


The truth is our society is designed to teach you to be logical, academically intelligent, to communicate with the external world and to judge someones’ language as a sign of who and what they are i.e. intelligent / rich or stupid / poor.


So to be seen as successful you have developed your intelligence, your ability to analyse and also your ability to judge and criticise others.


When this happens life often feels like a struggle and is stressful;

You lose your ability to connect with who You are, empathise with others and to establish and maintain meaningful relationships.


Do you long to have a deeper connection with people? –

Maybe even a deeper connection with yourself?

If you are relating to any of the questions above there is an answer for you.


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Do you long for a Deeper Connection?

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