A personal story by a lady caught up in a life threatening fire that was raging through the forest and community she lives in just last week:

A blazing fire



“Things I learned in the fire

There is no security in life, it can blow at any seam and at any time. Frightening as this may sound, I experienced it as huge freedom. All throughout the long night I was aware that I could lose everything and I was aware that I could die. Of course there is the bodily instinct that works frantically for survival, but underneath everything there was total acceptance of áll possible scenarios.


There were fires raging in all directions. Wherever I looked was fire. Explosions from gas bottles were sounding throughout the night and as the winds were huge (ophelia) there was a tornado of fire stretching up for dozens of meters into the air. It was hell incarnate on earth and yet the indomitable spirit of men kept on shining and working its way throughout the night. I have felt it, I have seen it, I have touched it…the grandeur of the spirit of men. We are immensely powerful in our essence, evil means nothing, it will never have a stronghold in the light of our being.

Fire everywhere


There has grown a love in me for my village and its people because of this night together. A love and appreciation for both our vulnerability and our strength. I have seen so much goodness, persistence and courage, so much sense of community. I would not want to live anywhere else on earth.


What would have remained had l lost all possessions?

Life would have remained.  Life, my talents and my purpose in life.

What would have remained had I lost my life?

I have found there is only one legacy that is important and that is the joy one has spread, the love that one has given. Nothing else matters.”


Please help:

The project that I belong to in Portugal the Awakened Life Project was also badly effected and many people lost their homes, the majority of their possessions and their access to water and electricity.


If you would like to help these people you can donate money to them using either of the three methods below.  I will not know who does and who does not donate and I will not receive any of the money.


By PayPal:

Paypal account – info@awakenedlifeproject.org

By bank transfer:

IBAN: PT500045 3451 4028 0571 9050 6
NIB: 0045 3451 4028 0571 905 06
Name of Bank: Crédito Agrícola, Coja

By Crowdfunding (they will take 7% of the money raised).


Why disasters bring us together?

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