Do You think you're going Crazy!

When Jo (name has been changed) came to me she thought that she was Crazy! She did not know if what she felt and saw was real or just crazy. She was sooo sensitive to energy that everything and everyone effected her. She would pick up on what other people were feeling and she felt that people dumped on her or she would, without wanting too, absorb their emotions. Then she would feel lost, confused and scattered.

For most of Jo’s life she had felt lost, confused and scattered especially when around more than 2 people.  As you can imagine this made school and now work very difficult for her.

She had no confidence in herself.  As she did not know what she wanted to do in her life and she felt that she was not very capable of working.  She was in her mid 20s.

How I helped Jo

To help her get Clarity and not be scattered I helper her:

  • Come fully into her body and ground.  This gave her a sense of being nurtured, still and connected to herself.
  • How to retrieve her energy back into her body and energy field.
  • How to stop scattering her energy and leaving it in people, places, times and dimensions.

To help her not feel confused I taught her:

  • How energy works.
  • How to tell the difference between her energy and the energy of other people.
  • How not to absorb energy from people, places and spaces.
  • How to discriminate what emotions are hers and what is not.
  • What energies are coming from where and who.How to release energy that is not hers or not in present time.
  • How to let go of conditioning and automatic thoughts and behaviours stored in her unconscious mind.
  • How to cleanse her energy and energy field.

To help her not feel lost:

  • To be light hearted about what she senses, as like everything energy is perceived by us and therefore we can add our story to it and even totally make it up.
  • How the mind and thus her life really works.
  • When she understood that she was an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and what this means, she felt that she was ‘normal’ and no longer crazy or weird; this made her very happy. 
  • To use her sensitivity to communicate with her intuition.
  • To hear, from her intuition, what she really wants to do in life.
  • Move forward in her life knowing and embracing her sensitivity as the Beautiful Gift that it is.

A Happy Ending:

When Jo understood that she was an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person she was very happy, as she finally understood why she feels and experiences things the way she does.  She no longer thought that she was crazy or weird and this helped her truly embrace her sensitivity and Gifts.

She turned her sensitivity into art and became a healer and a writer.

I am very pleased to say that Jo is in a relationship, is working for herself and very much enjoying life.

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