Do you want to move from
Frustration / Procrastination / Worry / Stress


And Gain Direction, Purpose and Meaning?


You can Create the life You Love to Live, NOW

(instead of the life you think you have to).


You can with “The Key to Awareness™” e-course.  This e-course is

  • Quick – it is just 21 days
  • Manageable even in your Busy / Stressful Life
  • Designed with you in mind


It is delivered straight to your email inbox over 21 days, for you to interact with the process daily, as part of your everyday life.


“The Key to Awareness™” process consists of two Parts:


Part 1 of “The Key to Awareness™” process guides you step by step to becoming more aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Then you are guided in how you can enable your thoughts, emotions and actions to be more in align with your true self and be directed from your intuition. This is how you create the Life You love to Live.


Part 2 of “The Key to Awareness™” guides you through ‘exercises’ that enable you to release tension and conditioning: what is blocking you in your body and mind that has been created through unhelpful moods, conditioning and trauma.


The e-course uses bite size chunks to give you all you need to go through each step of the process as you become aware.


A combination of “The Key to Awareness™” manual, charts, pictures, tables, extra PDFs, MP3 audio tracks, videos and blog posts are used to make the learning experience of the e-course interactive and fun.


“The Key to Awareness™” E-course is all you need

to keep you motivated to become Aware in just 21 days.


Instead of paying £197 The Key to Awareness E-Course is available for a limited time for only £47

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The Key to Awareness™ process

“I respond so differently now by being more confident and assertive”

Angela Davis


“It’s packed full of useful ideas and techniques. It definitely does what Fiona claims it does!”

Ed Lincoln – Publishing Consultant


“Meeting and working with Fiona, for just one session over the phone I feel I have been given the tools to release all the guilt I have been carrying for the majority of my life.

Realising it wasn’t even mine in the first place, was a massive relief.

I am now living my life in truly knowing I can be myself at last!

Fiona is amazing! for anyone who is going through many negative emotions, Depression ,anger, and pain in their body, should have I hour session with her.

I have downloaded her book Break Free from all the sh!t I will be reading it everyday.

Thank you so much for coming into my life Fiona.”

Eunice Kendall


Sonya Williams – Business Development Director London

I meet Fiona last year at the Festival of Life, where she was giving a lecture. I was really impressed by the content of the lecture and i knew that i wanted to work with Fiona on a one on one basis. Unfortunately, my work and travel schedule just wouldn’t permit me the time to meet with Fiona. Then i saw her e-course, i was so pleased, because it meant that i could participate work remotely with Fiona, studying at my own pace. Thanks Fiona, it’s really great to have access to your course!!

Sonya Williams

See you on the e-course 🙂 x


All this for only £47

After you have made the payment you will be brought to a sign-in page, please fill out your details and press Subscribe.