It is a great time for change because Spring is in full swing, the days are getting longer and brighter and the chances are so is your energy, even if it does not seem like it.


  • Are things challenging at the moment?
  • Do you wish some things were different?
  • Do you want to make some changes in your life?


Maybe you want to change everything in your life.  The best, and most likely only way to do this is by Knowing how your Mind and Life works.



What most people believe about how their mind and life works:

Most people get caught up in what is happening in their life and believe that they have various amounts of control about it.  It is common for people to believe that they can control some things and not others.  They spend all their time, energy and money trying to control and change what is happening around and outside of them.


How the Mind REALLY works:

Your mind is a big filter, it filters information coming through your five senses and then make representations of that information inside your mind.  It does this so that you can understand the information and not get overwhelmed by it.  Your filters operate according to your thoughts, beliefs, experiences and conditioning – which is what they have been programmed to filter from your parents and important people in your life.  What this means is that you see things that make sense to you.  You are physiologically designed to delete and ignore things that do not make sense to you and have no meaning for you.

When something happens to you that does not make sense or you do not like, you will try to control the situation so that it does make sense to you.  

Remember that what you believe is happening and what thoughts you have determine what you see, hear, feel and believe, regardless of what is actually happening or anyone else’s reality of what is happening.

You probably have experienced this during an argument with your partner, boss or someone else who is important to you.

It is time for change.


Lets use an analogy:

If your mind was a projector at the cinema, the projector machine would be the filers of your mind (projectors except only specific reels of film and specific light bulbs) , the reel of film would be your thoughts, the light that enables you to see the film on the screen would be your individual consciousness and the screen would be your experiences, which you probably believe is your life. 

Therefore, if you have frightening thoughts, you will see frightening things on the screen of your experience and experience frightening feelings.  If you have peace thoughts, you will see peaceful things on the screen of your experience and experience peaceful feelings.

As I have said above most people get caught up in what is happening on the screen.  They try to change what is happening out there on the screen not realising that the whole thing is being projected from the filers inside your mind – from inside out.

Does this mean if I change my thought, my life will change.

Yes but you are still operating from identifying with thoughts and separating yourself of from life. 

It is time for change.


The Bigger picture of what is happening:

What powers it all?  

Just like electricity powers the projector, your life is powered by Universal energy which is controlled by Consciousness – the one Consciousness of all that is.


So what difference does all this make to ‘your’ life:

Instead of being caught up in the drama on the screen and trying to change all the characters in the film of ‘your’ life.  Which gives you the feelings of being isolated, separate and limited.

You can rest in Consciousness and be guided by universal energy.  

Resting in consciousness is simply not reacting or identifying or judging.  It is being with things how they are – being with what is.  You are still responsible for your actions; the difference is that you do not Automatically react anymore from past conditioning, thought, beliefs or experiences.

Than you are Free, as it gives you the power and knowledge of how to create a life you love to live.   

You understand that you are Life, you are Consciousness – which is oneness and unlimited.


It is Time for Change, contact me today.

Easter is a great time for change

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