Depression is like an anchor that you carry every day.


It slows you down and keeps you from “flying” the way that you deserve to.

It’s time to drop your burden and begin to live the way you want.

Depression is not something that you will have for life. It is an illness that you can recover from.

I will give you the tools to overcome your depressive illness and show you how to put your life back into your own hands.


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Do you want to feel 90% better after just one session?

Call me today, for a free 20 minute consultation.


While everyone’s depression is their own, here are some things we will do to help you get your life back.

  • Release old emotion and pain: you cannot move forward if you are still hauling the weight of yesterday.
  • Stop replaying old memories: like a broken record, memories can continually replay, adding to your downward mood.
  • Learn new ways to deal with emotions and stress: you can’t change your present if you simply repeat the patterns of the past.
  • Recognize and celebrate your strengths: right now, you might not know you have them but you do. We will draw them out and highlight them.
  • Build more supportive relationships: if your relationships do not affirm your new path, they will make it harder to stay on it.
  • Goal setting and knowing what you really want: the fog of depression can make it extremely difficult to succeed. We will set goals for your growth and find out what your real dreams are.


 Contact me by email or phone today.

07929 589 923


Drugs don’t solve your depression alone. Whether they are prescribed or not, drugs only mask the root causes of depression. Working with me, you will learn to unearth the roots of your depression and replant a new, healthier pattern for your life. I will not advise you whether to take drugs or not, this is between you and your doctor.


No one can do this for you. Only you can tackle your depression. Only you can decide that enough is enough. Only you can see that you are only surviving rather than living. Only you can decide to call or email me and get started on a new life pattern for you.


No one can do this alone. Depression is a huge weight to bear. Doing it alone is difficult and rarely succeeds. That’s why I am here to help you bear this burden until you can set it down completely and move on.


There is no instant fix. Generally, it takes 3 to 10 sessions for you to fly. Together we set tasks for you to do between sessions to keep you moving forward.


Contact me by email or phone today.

07929 589 923