In January 2013 I am going to Kenya to volunteer on two programs of International Peace Initiatives (IPI).  I have been asked to provide training in massage, health care and empowerment coaching to women in the “Bettering Our Lives by Design” (BOLD) project.  I will also do some trauma work and other therapies with the children in an orphanage that is run by IPI.


I feel blessed that I have been given this opportunity to help people that are helping themselves.  The IPI project is about empowering people to be self reliant and not need to be supported by charities, read more below.

 IPI Children


My flights are booked and I have paid for them myself.  I would like you to donate money to me so that I can pay my own way in Kenya and contribute financially to the project as well as physically.  I feel that I will learn a lot from these women and children and will pass my knowledge on via blog posts, emails and possible further trainings.


A Free Gift to you to say Thank You

When you make a donation as a way of saying thank you, you will be diverted to a page where you will get to choose a free gift, which people would normally buy or receive when they are doing coaching or training with me in my business Real Energy, Empower Yourself  If people donate over 50 I will send them a copy of my book “The Key to Awareness” as a special thank you.


Making Donations

Is really simple click on the Paypal button, put in an amount and pay on your credit card or debit card or use your Paypal account.  Alternatively you can transfer money from your Paypal account to mine, email


Any amount of donation is very much appreciated.  I have set up a bank account and a Paypal account that is only for collecting money for this purpose.  Making everything transparent and I am happy to share the details with people who make donations, and of course everything is confidential.


BOLD project

The BOLD project was started when Dr. Karambu Ringera helped a group of women, who have Aids and were often treated like outcasts, start their own business making jewelry to become self-reliant and self-sustaining.  These women design and produce the jewelry using local seeds, Kenyan Amber made in the group’s workshop and other stones with all proceeds given directly to the workshop workers salaries, the women and to IPI’s programs.



The orphanage was started by IPI to look after the many children who’s parents died of aids or where abandoned because they were HIV positive.



IPI is a Kenya and U.S. based organization that is dedicated to supporting and funding initiatives that alleviates the effects of poverty, disease, discrimination and violence. IPI provides Homes for orphans and vulnerable children, supports African grassroots organizations and community leaders, and provides trainings in peace education and conflict resolution. The IPI tools are education, enterprise and empowerment.  Click here to find out more about IPI


Thank you 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, Love and light Fiona.


Empower women and children with Aids Project

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