Energy is not seen by everyone, however I believe that everyone perceives energy.

What people do you like to meet or who inspires you? 


People who are:

“Larger than life”

“Comfortable in their own skin”

“Effortlessly blend in”


You often like them instantly, without knowing nothing about them.  You do not know their history or their beliefs but you like them.  

Have you had this experience?


You like them because you are perceiving their energy and it is the energy that you like to be around.  This is probably because their energy is very similar to your energy. Or you inspire to be more like them. 


Our Structures

Most people would agree that you have a mental / psychological structure of who you are, that consists of your your beliefs about yourself, society and the world.  This mental / psychological structure consists of all your thoughts, emotions, memories and experiences.


What creates this structure and holds it together is the energy contained in your thoughts, emotions, memories and experiences.  


Lets look at an example.  

You have had an argument with your partner and you cannot let it go.  Even when your partner has said sorry to you and you know they mean it, you cannot let go of it.  You hold on because the argument has brought you to question the relationship and / or yourself. When this happens your energy gets all stirred up inside of you and pulls upon stuck and blocked energy in you. This energy has more power and gets more stuck when it resonates with energy you have held onto from not good moments in your past.  Especially if you have had that energy since childhood.


This is a great opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and let go of the past. 


If you were to see a psychologist you could gain an understanding of your mental / psychological structure. You may even change your perception of the argument and decide that you are or are not a match for your partner. 


Whereas working with the energy structure that supports and holds up your mental / psychological structure is like removing the foundations of a house – all the walls will fall down.  You will be free from the trauma of the past and all the unhelpful beliefs you created about yourself and the world. You will then not be interested in creating the same old patterns. 


This is great. However to not recreate the same old beliefs, behaviours and mistakes it is very beneficial to be supported in creating new beliefs and behaviour patterns. As well as being able to know how to use your own energy. 


It is working with both structures the mental / psychological and energy structure that creates the greatest transformation and benefit. 


This is what I do in my unique therapy. 

To empower you to transform and move forward in your life I teach you how to ‘work’ with both structures and other people’s energy. 

How Energy effects You

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