Boost Your Power

With The Energy Healing Modular Training

Seeing through your Intuitive Eye

You get all the benefits of the Boost Your Power training

in a Modular structure.

I have created this training for the people who wish to

take their time digesting what they have learned.

The training is split into Modules that are taught two per month,

six months in total.

16 Modules To Integrate The Teachings Into Your Being

This Unique Sequence Is By Design

And Created To Bring Exponential Results To Your Life

Module 1 - What is energy?

How to connect to Your Intuitive Abilities

How to perceive energy

Module 2 - Engaging with Your Energy

How to clear and clean your energy

How to tell what is intuitive wisdom and what is mind chatter

Module 3 - Exploring Energies

How to work with the energies outside of you

How to tell the difference between

your energy / emotions and other people’s energy / emotions.

Module 4 - Clearing energy at a deeper level

How to release the past

How to manage other people’s energy

Module 5 - How to access and live in the present moment

How the mind works

Embodying the present moment

Module 6 - Integrating all you have learned

How to work with the energy of your heart 

How to integrate your New Intuitive Abilities and Energy into your Life. 

The Best Way To Find Out

If This Program Is A Fit For You

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Why Fiona?

I was born with the ability to read and work with energy. I worked as an assistant Psychologist, but I wanted quicker results with my clients. So I created my own Intuitive Transformational Coaching.

To know the True Real You, you need to Rest in Consciousness and Play with your Energy. This is how you become to know that Consciousness, Energy and You are one and the same thing. This brings you the Joy, Freedom and Love you are looking for. 


Will I gain all the benefits from the Intensive Training: Yes, they are the same course with 12 group trainings. The difference is that this one is taught over 6 months, instead of 15 weeks.

How long is the course: 6 months.

How many one to one sessions do I get: Six.

Can I use the energy work I learn with my clients: Yes if you are already a therapist or coach you can, I will make sure in your one to one sessions that you can safely and beneficially do this.

How much support do I get: The training is designed to give you maximum support to help you fully integrate the teachings -All the teaching webinars are recorded and you will have access to these, the question and answer webinars, one to one sessions, email support and pdfs of the exercises I teach you. Are the webinars recorded: Yes and I give you access to these.When will the training start: Probably middle of September, or beginning of October.

What is the cost of the course: If you pay month by month it is £495 per month, which equals £2,970. If you pay in one go the cost of the course is £2,600 - a saving of £370!

Can I do the course module by module: Yes, however to get the one to one sessions included you need to commit to the first three modules. The one to one sessions will most likely be spread across the first two modules.

What do I do next: Contact Fiona to arrange a chat to see if this training is right for you and you are a fit for the training.

What happens if I do Nothing?

Your life, your connections and your work will stay the same.

This training is for you if you...

Want to experience and have deeper connections.

Stop being drained by other people's energy.

Stop being negatively effected by energies around you.

If You are a Highly Sensitive Person, this course is a Life Saver for you.

Learn how to receive the information and the energy you want, rather than be bombarded by energy and other people's problems all the time

This training is for you