Shifting Energy –

Our Connection To Infinite Possibilities 

Retreat in Cape Verde January 14th to 17th 2019

In this retreat you will understand how your mind and thus Life Really Works. You will also get to explore Energy and learn how to shift Your Energy to Create what you Want with Joy.


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1-Day CPD Accredited Training in Lisbon, Portugal

Empower your team to deal with the pressures of modern business by doing more, with less. Dealing with stressful situations when the mind is already overwhelmed and overworked can lead to poor decisions, reduced performance and even more frustration. Learning how to tap into the human mind’s powerful capabilities by attuning to its full potential, is the key to peak performance.

There is a learnable science to this ‘flow-state’ and one which can be replicated and repeated in any situation – without having to resort to techniques or mind control. This CPD Accredited training reveals the highly intelligent, perfectly designed Human Operating System behind peak performance and how you and your team can hack into its capabilities.

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How to be Happy at Christmas

and at other Stressful times.

Free Webinar on Tuesday 11th November at 7.30pm

Christmas can be a stressful time of year, and often the thought of spending time with relatives just freaks many people out!  

At Christmas time:

  • Do your relatives drive You Crazy?
  • Do old Pains and Emotions take hold of You?
  • Do You get Stressed and Overwhelmed?

This Free webinar will put the Joy and Peace back into Christmas,

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Stress Awareness Workshop in London.

5 Wigton Place, Kennington, SE11 4AN, London

Wednesday 19th November 2014. 7pm to 9pm ONLY £10

From attending this interactive workshop you will gain

The Benefits of Stress Awareness:
– Recover from stress quickly
– How Stress can be beneficial and work for You
– Stay clear of the ugly negative effects of stress (like ageing)
– Prevent yourself suffering from Prolonged Stress
– The connection between emotions and Stress

If you are not happy at the moment or sense that life could be a better,

even a lot better, than book NOW.

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An introduction to how to Live in FREEDOM,

start 2014 how you mean to go on.

Bygrave on Saturday 4th January 10am to 12pm.

This workshop will run monthly teaching new skills each month in Luton and Bygrave.


In this introductory workshop you will explore the skills you need to Live in FREEDOM:


Energy – How to work with yours and other peoples.

Conditioning – How to clear yours and gain clarity.

Manifest – the ultimate FREEDOM is manifesting your Life, learn how.


This workshop is for you if:

  • You are ready to let go of the past and experience who you really are.
  • You want to end drama and analysing your life.
  • Expand into who you really are – your Real Energy.
  • Life in joy.
  • Feel that there is more to life.


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How to Survive Xmas!

Wednesday December 4th, 7.15pm to 9.30pm, in Letchworth.


Christmas is often a very stressful time for people, as we are not used to spending so much time around our immediate families. It becomes even more stressful being around our parents and siblings. As an adult have you experienced that when you are with your parents and siblings you start behaving like you think they expect you to? You may even feel like you did when you were a child? This is a common experience as we often feel that it is easier to keep the peace if we become the person that they expect us to be, rather than be our true selves.


In this mini workshop Fiona will show you how to enjoy Christmas by:

• Clearing conditioning, emotions and energy that is not yours.
• Feel energised and revitalised by connecting to your True Self.
• Stop other people from draining your energy.

A few people will get the opportunity for Fiona to read their energy on the night.

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BREAK FREE from all the Sh!t 


Sunday November 17th, 10am to 5pm, in Central London:

The Gateway Studio, 4 Wigton Place, SE11 4AN, London (MAP).


In this workshop you will Experience what it is like to: 

End Drama – Let go of your story and other people’s drama.

Clear Conditioning – what other people have told you you are.

Align with your Real Energy – clear your energetic, physical, mental and emotional blockages.

Connect to your Higher self – know the difference between ‘gut feeling’ and guidance from your Higher Self.

Have Acceptance – a powerful exercise to clear whatever is happening and gain clarity and connection to your Real Energy and Higher Self.

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TALK – 26th October in London

at 1.45pm in LoveSpirit Festival


“What is Awareness,

a dialogue and experience of Being Aware”



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Discover the Essence of your Real Energy


In this mini workshop you will receive these benefits:

  • How to have more zest and vitality for life.
  • How to let go of conditioning and limiting habits.
  • How to be more confident in yourself and at work.


We will explore:

  • Being present in the moment – what is awareness?
  • What is your energy?
  • How do you access your Real Energy – the essence of who you are?



Dates: Tuesday 17th, from 8pm to 10pm.


Diadentis, 4th Floor
Rellinghauser Strasse 304
45136 Essen


Dates:  Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th September, from 8pm to 10pm

Venue: ICH OASE, Lorettostrabe 8, 40219 Dusseldorf, Germany.


Cost: €20


Discover the Essence of your Real Energy

In this one day workshop you will receive these benefits:

  • Have more zest and vitality for life.
  • Move forward in your life, by letting go of conditioning and limiting habits.
  • Be more confident in yourself and at work.
  • Have more satisfaction and harmony in your relationships.
  • Create Your Life / Your future and know that you are in the drivers seat.


You will learn how to:

  • Let go of emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Be present in the moment and feel Energised, Alert and Focused.
  • Clear conditioning and energy from your mind, body and energy field.
  • Recover your energy from other people.
  • Set your energy field.


We will explore:

  • Being present in the moment – what is awareness?
  • What is your energy?
  • How do you access your Real Energy – the essence of who you are?


You will experience how it feels to be in your Real Energy and take action from the essence of who you are. 


To act out of conditioning and habit is the opposite of being in touch your Real Energy – which is who you really are.
Being able to clear your energy field and body will give you more emotional and mental balance and bring harmony to your relationships.



Date: Sunday 22nd September, 9.45am to 5 pm

Venue: ICH OASE, Lorettostrabe 8, 40219 Dusseldorf, Germany.

Cost: €80 if booked by Saturday 14th September, €110 afterwards.


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For the Festive season

A Wellbeing Reading is only £40, the session will last about 30 minutes.

Book for yourself or buy a gift voucher as a gift.



Christmas Get together / Party

I could give a reading to each person in front of everyone to lift you all up and start a conversation, or individually as part of your Christmas get together / Party.  The readings will generally be shorter than the 30 minute sessions, depending on what you choose when you book.

Prices start from £100.

I will give a free Wellness Reading to the party organiser.

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Talks and workshops



Saturday 29th September 2013,

at Festival of Life in London, 2 min-workshops


1. What is Awareness –

a dialogue and an experience of Being Aware.

4.30pm in the Artist room


This is a practical workshop in which you get to experience Awareness.

There will be an introduction about what is Awareness and the benefits of being aware,

followed by questions and answers and an exercise that bring you into awareness.


2. Releasing Emotional Baggage,

to fully be and express who you are in the world

8pm to 9pm in the Bertrand Room.


  • Do you feel heavy?
  • Are you holding on to trauma and emotions that do not serve you?

In this mini workshop I will teach you how to release your emotional baggage and the conditioning that holds you back.


Venue: Festival of Life

Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1R 4RL

Time: Saturday 14th September, its FREE

I would love to see you there – the Festival of Life is a great day out.

See for more details.

Saturday 4th February

Come and talk to me about how Life coaching and using your energy and intuition can assist you to move forward in your life.

Harpur Suite in Bedford town centre, MK40 1LE, 11am to 3pm


Saturday 21st January

You are invited to my book signing of

“How to act, rather than reacting: a practical guide to Key to Awareness”

at Waterstones in Bedford, from 10am to 3pm.


This book contains all you need to know to be aware in your everyday life.

Come and say hello and you can ask me questions.

Special Offer! Come and buy the book at Waterstones and mention that you are on my mailing list, and receive for free the MP3 tracks of the exercises in part 2 of the book that help you embody awareness, saving you £10.

Join the book signing on Facebook. Use this link to become friends with me on facebook – let’s get a community going to support each other in 2012.


Tuesday 30th August 2011 – on Radio

Time: 6pm UK, 12 noon CT, 1pm EST for 30 minutes

I am on the radio, listen in at

Show host Barbara Hofmeister is a published author, renowned public speaker and personal growth expert. Her enthusiasm and passion is contagious and will draw you into whatever the topic of the day might be. Learn more at See what Barbara has to say about me!


1st – 4th September 2011 – BiCon

I will be talking at BiCon – a conference for Bi sexual people on

Am I Gay, Bi, Straight or what? What is coming out and why come out?

A women only coming out session

See for more information.


It will be great to meet you and talk with you, come and see me at

Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London WC1R 4RL




Tuesday 26th July

Time: 6pm UK, 12 noon CT

I am on the radio, listen in

and receive free 3 MP3 Downloads!

Listen in on the internet at

Fiona Maguire, visionary, intuitive energetic NLP coach, author and international speaker shares with us her uncanny ability to cut to the chase and fulfil your life’s Real Energy. She can intuitively listen to your life’s story… click here to read more…


Wednesday 6th June 2012, in Harpenden

How to get in touch with the essence of who you are – your Real Energy!

In this short workshop I will help you discover:

  • What is energy?
  • What is your energy?
  • How do you access your Real Energy – the essence of who you are?

You will have time to explore this, as I read your energy and give you an experience of how it feels to tap into your Real Energy. To act out of conditioning and habit is the opposite of being in touch with your Real Energy – who you really are.

You will also experience the benefits and learn how to:

  • Clear conditioning and energy from your body and energy field
  • Recover your energy from other people
  • Let go of emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Being able to clear your energy field and body will give you so much more zest for life and you will feel more emotionally and mentally balanced.