What is conditioning?


Conditioning is what you have been taught to do by your parents, family, friends, groups you interact with, the media and society.  Your conditioning is either unconscious to begin with – for example you naturally pick up habits from your parents and people close to you, or becomes unconscious to make it easy for you to function – for example brushing your teeth or driving a car.


Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, perception – how you see things and what you make them mean, your actions and thus your life is determined by your conditioning unless you break free of it.  For example your habits and repeated behaviours are often a result of your conditioning.


The good news 

Is that you can clear the energy of your conditioning.  A lot of the energy in your conditioning does not belong to you, it belongs to the person or group that you ‘let’ condition you, and therefore you can simply allow this energy to be released – see exercise below.


Clearing the energy will help you see what you value and want in life and help you let go of what does not serve you because it belongs to someone else.


However, as conditioning by its very nature is unconscious you need to become aware of what your conditioning is and how it effects you to fully release it.


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Click here for the exercise.

An exercise to Clear Conditioning

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