The Festival of Enlightenment (FoE) was a major mass opening of hearts like I have never seen before. In this space all could show up as themselves and be loved for it.


Before FoE officially started I got invited by a friend of Bill’s and Jan’s, the founders of FoE, Sheryl to go to Boulder with her and other members of the community she belongs too, to take part in an activation for the FoE.  I did not understand what I was being asked to do.  However, my higher self told me that I was going.


It was really funny how this came about.  Me and my assistant Carl had went on a Mountain hike that morning which should of taken about 3 hours.  After getting lost twice we decided to go down the mountain to a road and ask for help.  A lovely lady decided that she would drive us back into the YMCA; this meant quite a detour involving two highways.  I said that all was needed was a few miles along the same road and we could cut into the YMCA on a trail of about 30 minutes.  I think to Carl’s delight, this lovely lady insisted that she bring us all the way by car.


When we got back to the YMCA I really needed to eat and decided that I would ask if I could eat now and pay later.  This is something I would normally never do, but I was really hungry!  The lady politely said you need to talk to Bill Moore, one of the founders of FoE.  I looked at her, with very little hope in my eyes as Bill is a busy man and I never thought I would be able to find him.  Then the lady said “he is over there”.  Carl thought what I did and had already started to walk back to our room to get money.


Bill asked me if I wanted to go to Boulder and handed me Sheryl’s number.  I did not hear Bill ask, what I heard was you are going to Boulder in one hour be ready!  My reply was “OK”, thankfully that was the right answer to what Bill said and what I heard.  This was just the start of many wonderful curious coming together of things that happened during and around the festival.


We went to a building called the “Star House” in Boulder.  It is built according to sacred geometry.  The land and the building had energy that I have never experienced before.  The lady facilitating the evening was also the lady that founded the community I was with Carol Fitzpatrick.  As Carol facilitated her husband Mark played beautiful music to help us.  Right at the start of the evening as we all sat in a circle I started to cry.  I knew that I was about to experience something that I had longed for.


We all opened our hearts and saw each other from this wonderful sacred place. I could not believe it, I was with complete strangers and they were showing me and everyone else who they truly are.  It was such a blessing that continued every morning of the festival.  Everyone who came to the morning and evening ceremonies of the FoE were touched deeply by them.


Everything about the festival enabled people’s hearts to open up to themselves and others.  In the words of Barbara Hofmeister, one of the my fellow speakers:

“The festival was a time of healing, bonding and connecting with some amazing people. Love you ALL guys ♥”

Festival of Life 2011
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  • July 18, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    This is such a beautiful and heart-full sharing about our time at Star House, Fiona! Thanks for writing it!


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