At Christmas time and other Stressful times:

•Do your relatives drive You Crazy?

•Do old Pains and Emotions take hold of You?

•Do You get Stressed and Overwhelmed easily?


If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above YOU ARE NOT ALONE


Many people adapt to fit with the expectations and demands of family, friends,

careers and society and in doing so have learned to suppress their true emotions.


Do you ever…

  • look at your life and ask yourself “Is this it?”
  • wonder why you are not as happy as you’d like to be?
  • notice you repeat the same things day after day without meaning?
  • believe that your life is in balance, yet don’t experience any real highs or lows?
  • accept stress as a necessary part of every day?


You don’t realise it yet, but in the next few paragraphs you’re going to feel you’ve finally found the missing piece to a puzzle you’ve been seeking for years.


Are you ready?

As a trained psychologist, coach, NLP practitioner and energy reader it surprises me when people surrender to living a life out of balance.


What you may not realise is that you can overcome stress and anxiety, depression, physical pain, chronic illness and emotional issues like trauma, anger, overwhelm and shut-down syndrome quickly and simply through


The Key to Awareness Process

Imagine experiencing true joy, excitement, peace and freedom

This is not a tongue-in-cheek claim!

It is truly within your reach.



The Key to Awareness is a 5-Stage process that I have developed over the past 6 years and is the topic of my self-empowering book “The Key to Awareness; Break Free from the Sh!t”. I have used this process on hundreds of people over the years in one to one sessions, seminars and through supported self-learning.


For the first time I am offering you the opportunity to experience The Key to Awareness in a

powerful and interactive Webinar series.



So Who Am I?

By this time I’m sure you’re wondering who I am and why I’ve dedicated my life to helping individuals live not only a fulfilled life but an extraordinary life.


Fiona Maguire, Real Energy 4 All

My name is Fiona Maguire and I’ve been training, coaching and counselling individuals, groups, families and children since 1997. I’ve worked in organisations such as NHS and Social Services and have run my own coaching business since 2008.

However, that’s not where my unique insight and skills actually come from.

You see, I was born with the ability to personally read people’s true energy and I use this innate skill to help others become aware of their body, emotions, wants and needs.



But guess what?

This isn’t some ‘magic’ or ‘mysterious’ skill – you too can learn to reconnect with yourself and become one with your Real Energy. And that’s the process I want to share with you in a powerful and interactive FREE Webinar called:


The Key To Awareness – 

How to be Happy, even in times of Stress


Okay, so now you’re wondering what exactly you’re going to be learning

Here are just some of the insights you’ll be getting to set you free to grow your life like you’ve never thought possible!


Week 1 – Judgement, Stress, Reactionary Behaviour

Think of how amazing it will be to have the freedom to look outside your own mental boxes to find solutions and become more:

  • creative and imaginative
  • open to a new experience of life unhindered by negative beliefs and feelings
  • aware of your thoughts and perceptions



Week 2 – Emotions, Motivations, Conditioning and Triggers

Picture yourself:

  • understanding your triggers and learning how to act and not react
  • tapping into your physical body and learning what it is telling you on an emotional level
  • letting go of past events that are holding you back
  • having better relationships with family, friends and yourself



Week 3 – Acceptance

Imagine what it will be like to:

  • have your thoughts and feelings work together, offering you the freedom and flexibility to make decisions and choices from a place of balance and stability
  • stop procrastinating and repeating mistakes
  • relate to the world with confidence

Believe me, this week is a holy grail!

Then there’s more..



Week 4 – The Truth in Feelings

Gain clarity by learning to:

  • truly listen to yourself
  • live in the moment
  • separate identity from ego
  • meditate deeply, quickly and easily



Week 5 – Pure Awareness

Consolidate everything you’ve learned so far to make it practical. powerful and present in your every day life.



Check out this rave review from Angel Davis, who was timid and shy, about how a course in The Key to Awareness helped her…


“I respond differently now by being more confident and assertive. I can let things go. But I can also say something when I feel it is important.”


Stop! and think of all the ways learning The Key To Awareness will transform all areas of your life.



How much is this worth to you?


Before I tell you the investment. I want to assure you I’m committed to helping you gain the insight you need to truly reconnect with your real emotions and life.
So I asked myself; how can I make it easy for you to achieve your goals?

If you’re like me you lead a very busy life and making a 5 week commitment can seem like a challenge. It might be that the calls are during work, dinner or the children’s bedtime. It might even be that the live calls happen at 3 a.m. in your part of the world and you’d rather be in bed!


No Worries


All calls are recorded and are available to replay at your leisure for 2 weeks after the live event.
Maybe your challenge is money. I can relate to that.

I sometimes spend £250+ per hour to work one to one with people I need, because I know that working with a specialist gets faster results and makes my life easier. Sure, sometimes it feels like I’ve taken a leap but my investment in myself has paid me back many times since. And I now have skills I can use in all areas of my life, for the rest of my life.


No More Challenge There Then


The majority of people who have worked with me before have already purchased this webinar series. They know the amazing value and personal attention I give to every one of my clients.



So just do it now, while you’re thinking about it! 

It’s only £97 for a lifetime of benefits


Click here to BOOK NOW


And yet…there’s one final challenge you might be facing…

Believing you can live a life beyond what you are currently experiencing.

Hey, if you’re still reading that tells me there is obviously a void or pain in your life that you want to get rid of forever. And even more than that it is telling you the same thing, too!



The testimonial below is proof of that…

“I take everything in my stride now.  I have the tools to remain calm without stressing or worrying, even when things are tough and hectic.  My business and personal life has really benefited.  Thank you.”


To help you JUST DO IT I’ve decided to go one step further.

Order now and I will also include these fabulous FREE BONUSES



You’ll be getting an e-copy of my book Break Free from the SH!T for sale on Amazon at £10.


A huge discount on the advanced teleseminar, that will teach you how to use your energy body.



Finally to reinforce your personal shift, booking now will get you a one-to-one 45 session, via Skype, with me worth over £80.
We’ll work on your personal challenges together and come up with methods to ensure they are no longer issues in your life. You be the judge of the true value of this benefit.


Look at all you get!
That’s over £590 worth of bonuses for just £97!


I’m so confident that this program will help you become more aware of your life and true emotion that if after the 1st call you feel for any reason it’s not for you, I’ll refund your money and let you keep the bonuses.
How fair is that?

The insights you gain will reward you every single day as you begin to experience true joy and feel the tingle of excitement for each new day and all for just £97.


So give yourself permission to get the
support you need and experience 

The Key To Awareness

Click here to BOOK NOW


Interactive and Live webinar series starting on Thursday 20th November at 7.30pm UK time and ends on Thursday 18th December 2014.

If you cannot be live, don’t worry, register and receive the link to the replays.

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