Has the way you look at life changed?

Being in quarantine / lockdown has never happened before, ever.  If you would off told me 2 months ago that the majority of the world would demand that its citizens stay at home, not go to work, school or university, I would not of believed you.  Would you?

What have you noticed in the past month or so?

What has been easy?  What has been hard?

Transformation Happens

What has been different than you thought it would?

I bet some of these were beliefs were ones in which you use to believe were so real that you never even questioned them.

It has been great hearing from clients, family and friends that what they thought in the past would drive them crazy and therefore were dreading when they went into lockdown, either did not bother them half as much and in some cases, even enjoyed. 

Some of these things are:

  • Being with their partner 24 hrs a day
  • Homeschooling the kids
  • Interacting with they children much more than usual, rather than taking the easy option of them entertaining themselves with TV, Movies, Internet and computer games
  • Enjoying a slower pace of life and yet getting more done
  • Being creative and really enjoying it

Take a moment to see

what has been different than you thought?

This goes to show that beliefs are not solid structures that you have to hold your entire life.

I bet you used to think that you had to uphold your beliefs no matter what happen?

Hopefully the situation that we are in at the moment has shown you:

  1. That this is not true.
  2. You can change a belief.

3 That you are stronger than your beliefs.

4 That you are more resilient and flexible than you thought.

5 You love you family more than you thought you did and you actually like spending a lot of time with them.

The Truth:

Beliefs are just the stories we tell ourselves about our life. A belief is just a bunch of thoughts that we have had many times. The mind is programmed to look for evidence for the beliefs, and therefore thoughts, we have. 

Each time we experience something and decide that this is ‘evidence’ for a belief, the belief gets stronger. Which means you attach more emotion to it and will do almost anything to uphold the belief.

Well this is what use to happen!

I am hoping that you have experienced life so differently than you thought you would

that you will remember:

  • Not to take you thoughts so seriously.
  • Do not think that what is happening proves you and your belief right.
  • Remember what is Important to you, when everything else is stripped away.

I would love to hear how you are, leave a comment or email me: fiona@realenery4all.com