I was born with the ability to read other people’s energy.  I could tell what people were feeling and it did not make sense to me that people often behaved in a different way from what they felt.  As I got older my skills increased.  I saw the world physically differently and I related to the world differently from most people.  Sometimes this was fascinating and at other times it even freaked me out, to where I wondered if I was going mad!  To try to understand other people I gained a degree in Psychology and worked as an assistant pychologist.  


I have had two short bouts of depression that have happened when I tired to fit in more / be what was expected of me and in doing so I stepped out of who I really am.


When I was 31 years old I knew that I needed to learn how to switch my abilities on and off, so that I would not get overwhelmed by all the information I was receiving.  So I sold my house and went on a world wide journey.  Three years and much soul searching later I had ‘control’ over my abilities and I came back to my home town and started helping people by reading their energy and helping them to heal.  

I have also published a book about how you become aware and can heal yourself “The Key to Awareness, BREAK FREE from all the Sh!t”.  



What I can do for you:

I can heal your physical body, often within one session;

Be free of your pain / condition / illness.


I can help you change emotional and mental patterns that negatively effect your behaviour;

You may have emotions and thoughts that have kept you suffering.


I can clear your energy and blockages to reach the solution faster,

In your body, energy field, ancestral, in your home, work / business.


I can help you solve an issue faster;

Seeing the root cause of the issue means that we can find the solution quickly.


I can help you resolve conflict(s),

In business / work / home / family / relationships / contracts.


I can read the energy of potential relationships;

Wether it is in a new business deal / contract or personal.


I can help you dissolve a dilemma fast;

So that you know how to move forward creating what you need and want.


I can see what your skills are and what makes you unique;

To gain clarity and direction to move forward in your life.


My Skills:

  • I can see inside of your body and see what ‘parts’ of your body is involved in the pain / condition / illness that you are suffering from.
  • I can sense your emotions and why you are feeling this.
  • I can see what has effected you in your life and what is adding to the pain / condition / illness that you are suffering from.
  • I can see what is blocking you in your body and in your environment.
  • I can see the energy in relationships – business and personal.