A Case Study

A lady was drawn to having a session with me but did not know why.  She expressed that she would like some help with clearing her energy and connecting with her higher self, however she did not have an aim or thought that there was something specific that she needed to understand, clear and resolve.  In the free consultation she mentioned that she was often tired and other people had said to her that “she spreads herself to thinly”.  So we agreed that we would explore this in the session and I would read her energy, help her to clear her blocks and learn how to do this herself and connect her with her higher self.


Within minutes of being with me this women broke down in tears and she did not understand the strength or reason of her emotion.

In the session she realised that she was often not feeling her emotions and if they arose she was quick to bury them.  She expected herself to be happy all the time and she mostly succeed in giving other people this impression.  However she realised that she would sometimes get angry and thought that she needed to manage her anger; which for her meant that she would tell herself not to be angry and she would bury her emotions.

All of this was because she was holding onto a belief that something was her fault and this felt so bad that she could not allow herself to feel the pain of it.  Holding onto the past and beliefs that we created a long time ago, do not serve us.  This is logical, however often it is so unconscious that we are not even aware that we are doing it.  Or maybe we are aware of it but cannot bear it, so we shut down – like this lady did.  I then help her look at this and feel the pain of it.

You can’t solve emotions with logic, it helps to understand why they are there, but to release the emotion you need to feel it and let it go.  This was much easier and quicker than the lady thought it would be.  You need to feel safe and comfortable to do this and that is what I provide for you.

To complete the session I helped the lady clear and realise the energy that created the blame and belief at the time it was created and everything that she had added to this since.

To summarise what I do in my sessions is help you:


  1. Gain a mental and emotional understanding of what is causing your pain, fear and or discomfort.
  2. I then clear the energy of it in the past and in the present.
  3. Help you integrate what you have learnt and let go of so that you are free and energised to create the life you love to live.
How I help you

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