Answer: By being in Your body.

Think about it, if you are not in your body you are not really feeling anything.  Take a look at my last campaign I was ‘feeling’ stressed and anxious and then when I got back into my body I felt calm and relaxed.  What had happened is that I had gone into my mind and got lost in the buzz of Christmas eve and was picking up, with my mind, the general vibe of what was happening around me and my mind interpreted this as me ‘feeling’ stressed and anxious.


Happiness and fulfilled are both a states of mind and are feelings.  The feeling of Joy is often made up of happiness and fulfilment.  You need to be in your body to feel your feelings.  In the last year I have had many people come to see me because they are experiencing life as a struggle and all the joy has gone out of it.  99% of these people were out of their bodies, living in their heads and on automatic pilot.  As soon as I helped them get back into their body they found that they were able to experience Happiness and Joy again.


For some people this meant that they needed to release some trauma that caused them to start living in their head in the first place.  For others they needed to change their behaviour patterns and learn to allow themselves to experience their emotions.

“Since I have learnt to be in my body and feel all my feelings; life has taken on a whole new meaning and I feel so much happier.”  
From Lynne Hall

Why do people ‘leave’ their body:

  • Due to the shock of a traumatising event.
  • They were taught not to feel their emotions.
  • They believe that the mind is more reliable than their feelings and emotions.
  • They are in pain, physically, mentally and or emotionally.

How do I get into my body:

  • Practice the Grounding exercise (that is free when you sign in on this website).
  • Allow yourself to feel your emotions (If you need help with this contact me).
  • Get moving.
  • Go out into Nature


Joy  is 3rd highest on David Hawkins scale of vibrational frequencies, see his book Power vs Force.  In this book and it is widely believed by quantum scientist that the higher your vibrational frequency the quicker you can manifest things and the healthier and closer you are to enlightenment; which is at the top of the scale.

How to have Joy and feel fulfilled

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