I would like to share with you my real life story of the process I went through to make the change to now live a dream that I have had for a long time.

At the end I will put bullet points of the process so you can also make change easy in your life, even big changes.

I want to share this with you because I want you to make changes and live your dream. Most people give up because they think that the change or dream is impossible or when the challenges are too hard.

My Story:

Two weeks ago I left the community that is the home of the project that I was part of in Portugal. As I have shared in other emails I was very grateful to be at the project and live with 12 other amazing people during lockdown.

The details of why I left are not important, the process the story reveals is.

I started to think about the possibility of leaving the community when I heard that ‘lockdown’ would be eased in Portugal. However I decided against this and asked to stay in the project for another 3 to 4 months.

The questioning of my self and everything, and then the doubt that I felt was not easy. During this time at the weekends, we worked during the week, I took time out of the community and spent time in Nature alone. It became more and more clear that I wanted to leave and live my dream.

The day I left the community I did not have a plan of where I was going or where I would live. As I designed my small van to live in during holidays, I was quite relaxed about this. So I went to a near by river to gather myself and see what the next steps where.

A freind then offered me to live on her land until her builders arrive and start work on it. She told me that I could be there for two months. I was really pleased that I could build a shelter and try living totally off grid. I saw it as an adventure to try and live without any water or electricity on the land. It was also a test to see how I would manage and if I would like it as much as I had dreamed I would.

The land was actually 3 ruins that where built around a now uneven and overgrown court yard. It was also in the centre of the large village. This was not at all what I was expecting. On the plus side it had a gate and one of the ruins had a 1st floor ‘room’ that could be pleasant. I had planned to spend rainy days in here. However the first time I drove my van through the gate I found it really difficult and ended up scratching the van badly. Reluctantly I realised that having my van on the ‘land’ was not possible. So I slept in the van on the road outside of the ‘land’. Furthermore there was the possibility that the builders might arrive in only a few weeks!

So I was in the difficult situation of needing to make the place more liveable but not wanting to do much or spend any money because maybe I would not be there for long and whatever I did would be destroyed!

As you can probably imagine, my friends and at times myself thought that I must be crazy to live like this. I was even offered an apartment to live in, completely free, for a while.

I have to admit that it crossed my mind at times to give in and look for a place to rent.

The reason why I am giving you so many details is that all these challenges made me really get serious about how I want to live. I decided that I would continue to follow my dream. So I listened to my heart and followed any guidance I received, like go for a walk, call this person, drive here etc.

I got a phone call and there was a possibility of me renting a piece of land from someone I knew. After over three years of looking for land or a community to live in in Sintra National Park without hearing of any available, I so badly wanted to take up this opportunity. Reluctantly I had to listen to my inner knowing that this place was not right for me and my dog.

A couple of days later I received another phone call from a family who said that a freind of ours had told them about me and they where interested in meeting me, to see if we would like me to live on their land.

My dream:

I am very pleased to say that I have been living on this land now for one week. I am very lucky to have a comfortable wooden home to hang out in until I build my shelter for my van with enclosed storage and to rebuild my shed that will be my office. We collect rain water, have mains electricity and internet! I am so blessed.

I have started clearing the land...

Clearing the land

In three to four months if everything is going well I hope to start building a home.

Below I have written a list of the steps I went through because I think that most people experience these steps. However most people also give up.

The steps I went through:

  • I felt that I wanted to make a change - leave the community and pursue my dream.

  • I questioned everything - my intention, my dream, how I would do it.

  • Past experience told me that my dream was not possible.

  • I needed to stay with my intention and not get distracted.

  • I needed to stay with the challenges because to solve them would be a big distraction and cost money.

  • I doubted myself.

  • I thought that I was going crazy and was deluding myself.

  • I did not tell some people what I was doing as I did not want them to worry or I did not want to hear their negativity.

  • I followed my heart / intuition / inner wisdom without question.

  • I had fun.

  • I spent time alone meditating and inquiring into what I wanted and why.

  • I stayed in the unknown and endured the intensity of it.

  • I did not go with the fearful thoughts of my mind, even when my body reacted to my thoughts and I experienced emotions.

  • I listened to the people who owed the land, far more than I spoke or asked questions.

  • I took time to think about it.

  • I am going slowly and not trying to push anything to happen, I would love to have my own space and this is the most difficult thing for me right now.

  • It is important for us to get to know each other.

  • It is important that we do things together, help each other and that I listen to their advice.

In conclusion:

What I have learnt is that change takes time if I stay in my old thinking that creates the same old emotions and reactions.

If I stay in the unknown, follow my guidance and do not try to push anything then change comes quickly and easily. What I mean by easily is without suffering or struggle. Change takes effort but it does not need to be hard.