Having Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) work for you can boost your business!

How HSP thrive in work

Highly sensitive people are often misunderstood.  Yes, they can become emotional very quickly and can become overwhelmed in situations that are simply too noisy, crowded, or fast-paced.  This is because HSPs have higher arousal systems and process much more information than others.

However this also gives HSPs many qualities that have many benefits which make HSPs ideal for certain job roles and tasks. 

With the right Training and Coaching HSP will thrive at work and be an invaluable asset to your business. 

Some of the qualities of HSP are:

Noticing even subtle emotional clues and having a high degree of empathy for others.

This makes HSPs great when working with people and being able to understand their needs and motivations.

Processing things at a deeper level and noticing connections that other people do not.

This enables HSPs to notice trends, patterns, information and all kinds of data that would get missed by most other people.   HSPs are able to relate and compare things with more meaning, understanding and other knowledge.  This enables them to remember and make use of what they have noticed for a long time.

HSPs can concentrate deeply.

This makes HSPs good at tasks requiring vigilance, accuracy, speed, and the detection of minor differences.  Likewise, they are good at noticing errors and avoiding mistakes.

Can you see where these qualities are needed in your business?  

What you can do to assist HSPs work at their very best:

Enable them to work in a quieter environments where they will not be overstimulated by noise, too many people or the anxiety / stress of others.  If this is difficult give HSPs regular short breaks.  If possible enable HSPs to have time where they work away from the office.

The Solution to make HSPs Thrive and your business too:

Is to provide training / coaching for your HSPs to give them an understanding of their natural qualities, the way they work and how they can use their sensitivity as a gift rather than something they need to manage 

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