Do you sometimes lose control?

Don’t understand what you’re feeling or why?

“….it’s Fiona’s talents in the energy department that really blow me away. Feelings and thoughts that seem irresistibly strong, simply melt and give way to the calm that lies beneath with Fiona’s tools and techniques.

I would highly recommend her to anyone feeling out of balance in any way, on any level, physical, mental or emotional. She knows her stuff and will really help you deal with yours!”

Love Paul


How have you been taught to deal with your emotions?


To bury an emotion and thus hold unto it requires a lot of energy and often leads to dis-ease physically and mentally.


To become the emotion and “let rip” might release some of the physiological effects of the emotion but is likely to lead to undesired outcomes and poor relationships.

Your ability to understand, express and release your emotions is a key factor to obtaining optimum health and wellbeing.

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It is very normal and healthy to have a whole range of emotions.  Knowing your emotions will enable you to express yourself appropriately i.e. knowing where, when and how.  More importantly I will give you a range of tools to clear the physiological effect the emotion has created in your body.


This will enable you to release and clear emotions by yourself in a safe and beneficial way that will allow you to go about your day as if nothing had happened (for an example see scenarios below).

Access the message that the emotion has for you.

In order to do this you need to feel and accept the emotion first.  Once you have listened to the message of the emotion you will know what is happening in You and in your environment and You will know what to do.


Then the emotion will release itself.


If you manage to ‘clear’ an emotion without receiving its message first the emotion will reappear, and more strongly, the next opportunity it gets.

Denial of emotion is not clearing it
and is a long way off releasing it



Emotions take up a lot of energy


Scenario 1

alternative energy therapistYou have had an argument with your partner before you leave for work.  When you arrive at work five minutes late your boss has go at you.  As a result of the way you are already feeling you have a go back at your boss and in doing so potentially affect your chances of promotion.



Scenario 2

Same situation as above, however before you go into work you have released the emotion around the argument.  When your boss has a go at you, you are now able to just let this wash over you.  Later on the same day your boss apologises and tells you that you are an asset to the company.


The Value of Knowing your emotions, Emotional Intelligence

Research has shown that:


“Emotional intelligence is the most important factor in predicting whether someone leads a happy and successful life.”

Goleman, D. 1996


Emotional intelligence includes:

  • Self awareness
  • Impulse control
  • Empathy
  • The ability to motivate oneself
  • The art of listening
  • Resolving conflict
  • Cooperation

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