• Inspire,
  • Uplift,
  • Encourage You


I will reveal to You what your 

Gifts, Talents and Skills are,

which reveals your Life Purpose.


There is no need to doubt yourself anymore, the reading will help you see, acknowledge and appreciate what you uniquely have to bring into this world – by being fully who you are and Living your Life’s Purpose you shine.


If you need to

  • Boost your confidence 
  • Get unstuck
  • Know what direction to take

a Life Purpose reading is for You.


The purpose of a Life Purpose Reading

is to highlight your Abilities and what you have to offer the world.  It is a very Empowering and Positive experience.

Living your Life Purpose brings

Joy, Excitement and Fun into everyday.

I read what is in your Body and energy field in the present moment, the reading is not about predicting the furture; as I beleve that what is in your body and energy field now determines your future, if you act upon your natural talents and gifts.

As part of the reading you will be able to ask questions and gain clarity.   These questions may help you decided how to act.


For the Festive season

A Wellbeing Reading is only £40, the session will last about 30 minutes.

Book for yourself 


or buy a Gift Voucher as a gift.


Christmas Get together / Party

I could give a reading to each person in front of everyone to lift you all up and start a conversation, or individually (in private) as part of your Christmas get together / Party.  The readings will generally be shorter than the 30 minute sessions, depending on what you choose when you book.

Prices start from £100.

I will give a free Wellness Reading to the party organiser.

Before the party so that they can experience what it is like.

Contact me for more information.


Why have a Wellbeing Reading with Fiona Maguire:

I have been able to read people all my life and have studied Psychology, Counselling, anatomy and Physiology at University.  My other qualifications include Clinical Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Theta Healing, NLP and Energetic NLP.  I have studied with Buddhist monks and nuns and lived in a Buddhist Temple and I have travelled the world connecting with people that share my abilities.


Life Purpose reading will

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