As a Christmas present to you I thought that I would share with you my biggest insight / confirmation this year – how I manifested everything I want!


It be useful to know how to do this, right?


If you resonate with any of the statements below you really do need to read this blog:


Why is it that sometimes we cannot see what is right infront of our face?


Why do we sometimes need to get so lost before we see clearly and get back on Our path?


I am surprised how many people say to me it is hard to know what I want, what if I make the wrong decision?


A real life example:

I am sharing with you this real example from my life so you know that this is real and not just some Hype – made up story:


In June my partner asked me if I would move to Germany with her. It was a hard decision to make. I was really torn. My heart wanted to go with her and it wanted to stay here in Portugal.


I have a great group of freinds here, Portugual is beautiful- I love the changing landscape, the closeness of the city to the sea, forest and mountains, I have a thriving business here and I belong to a community based in Portugal.


But I love her and I saw my life with her.


After two months looking at every option mostly intellectually, as my heart was torn in two, I decided I would stay in Portugal. It was a hard decision.


This decision led me and my partner to break up. As I have written before our relationship was amazing in many ways and it was very challenging in some ways – love brings us the most challenges – I will write about why this is in another blog. (If you are interested in this please let me know).


I took the space and spare time I now had, that I was not so caught up in the relationship, to

a). Inquire into why I got so caught up in the relationship and


b). What I really wanted in my life.


a). To help me with the inquiry I meditated more, spoke to my spiritual teacher, had an energy clearing and some coaching. To summarise what happened,  I got caught up and lost in the relationship because I was so attached to having a partner that was on the same spiritual path as me. I was so attached to what I wanted that I did not really see what was actually happening and what I really wanted.


b). I looked at the reasons that I decided to stay and sensed that my heart was also yearning for something that I did not seem to be consciously aware of. I found myself thinking about why I moved to Portugal in the first place. The reason for this was that I wanted to be part of a community and live in nature, NOT in the city.


I am part of a community – a few communities in fact, but I do not live in one – which is what I thought I wanted and would do.


I also wanted to live in nature and grow some of my own food. I was surprised most mornings when I woke up in a city!


I realised that I needed to get very clear on what I want in my life. Incase it was not clear to you, I got lost in the relationship because I was running a old pattern of what I thought I needed in life and I had lost sight and had lost the sense / feeling of what I want in my life.


Needs and wants are very different things – also a topic for another blog!


How You Manifest anything and everything you want –

why your reading this true life sharing.


Step 1 – What do I want in my Life? – What do I want to manifest?

I want to live in nature, earn a comfortable amount of money to live an outdoor, healthy and ethical lifestyle and I want a dog.


It is very important that you really think this through and you get a sense of what this looks and feels like.


Step 2 – Why do I want these things?  Why do I want to manifest this?

The Why you will feel in your heart, you will be expanded by it and you will sense your self aligning, in other words things will make sense and come together. Often when the why comes you KNOW that it is for you – it is intuitive.


If you don’t feel lit up / expanded / aligned than you either have not got your why, or what you want is not what you REALLY want to manifest.


It really is just these two steps to manifest everything you want. Then see what happens, pay attention and follow any instincts, leads, hunches and intuition that comes up.


Here is my new apartment that is in a National park, close to many beaches and 45 minutes from the city.


              I will move in the new year and decorate 

So as you see I did manifest everything  I want.

How You Manifest anything and everything you want
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3 thoughts on “How You Manifest anything and everything you want

  • December 23, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    Hi Fiona

    Thank you for sharing this insightful piece.
    Being a bit more mindful is something I am trying to take time to work on in 2018.

    Have a lovely Christmas time.
    We are doing what we like best, spending time with our families xx

  • February 1, 2018 at 10:11 am

    Teresa if you mean that you need to know what you are consciously creating and why you are consciously choosing to create that in your life? Than yes this is what will bring you true happiness and fulfilment.

    If you mean you will be mindful and notice what is happening, without taking responsibility for it or consciously taking action? Than things may not change, and if they do it will not be as fulfilling as it could be if you follow the steps I have outlined.

    Give me a call if you would like further guidance.

    Love Fiona

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