There is no doubt that the planet earth will continue to live.  The question is, will she breath gases that we too can survive?  The answer to this question lies with you.  If you continue to pollute her, with the fuel of your car, the way you spend your money and most importantly your lack of compassion and love towards yourself, other people and the earth, she will have no choice but to start breathing the toxic gases that we are feeding her.


The earth is abundant – she loves to give us pure natural food, stunning pink sun sunsets and fresh water to drink.  Yet most of us continue to put chemicals directly into the water system we drink from, buy food that has been forced to grow unnaturally using pesticides that pollute the earth and believe that we do not have time to recycle.


The earth is a living being and like any being has to breath to stay alive.  The earth told me “I will continue to live with or without you (people).  It is up to you what you give me to breath and if you can breath the same”.  


The earth first told me this about 7 years ago, then again about a year ago.  I did not feel confident sharing this with you then, as I did not think anyone would believe me.  However,  now that you have seen the increase in ‘natural disasters’ and the change of weather patterns.  The UK, as an example, had 5 consecutive cold winters, and the last was mild but extremely wet, and our summers are getting hotter every year.  I think that this is proof that the earth is struggling to balance herself and continue to breathe in what we breath out and breath out what we breath in.


Also time is running out and you need to take action now.  Take any one thing that I have mentioned above –

  • recycling,
  • driving less,
  • eating organic food,
  • growing some of your own food,
  • using natural products –

and do this everyday consistently.


Most importantly have compassion and love towards yourself, other people and the earth

and you will once again connect with nature and appreciate that she really is your mother;

as without her you are just a baby with no means of looking after yourself.

A message from the Earth.

4 thoughts on “A message from the Earth.

  • July 21, 2014 at 10:47 am

    Hi fiona,
    Thanks for the sharing!
    I totally agree with you and do 4 things out of 5 (tried to grow food on my little balcony but didn’t work out ;)).
    Hope you are well and please continue to spread the word!
    With love and compassion to all sentient beings, the earth and ourselves,

    • July 21, 2014 at 10:58 am

      Hi Patricia great to hear from you. I really do believe if we were kinder to ourselves we would automatically be kinder to others and the earth. Keep up what you are doing. Do you grow flowers? 🙂

  • July 21, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Totally agree Fiona, I have gradually tried to replace products with organic, and organic food when I can afford it and eat nothing processed anyway. Every company Ive worked in Ive implemented recycling and reduce policies and even then its had to be on the saving money ticket. Im loving being in nature especially in this glorious weather and Ive finally learned to love the season I never enjoyed (Winter) as the cold causes me physical pain. I love finding the beauty. I love my plants, Ive a few peace lillies and they lap up any bad stuff that the electrics give out apparently). Glad youre getting more confident with your ideas. Enjoy the lovely weather and growing… all meanings of the word 🙂

    • July 21, 2014 at 8:09 pm

      That’s all great to hear Claire, well done for taking the initive.
      When the earth and the sea started to talk to me, even I thought this was a bit strange. People use to often think I was strange or mad and this was not good for getting my messages out there. However now I feel that if we do not take care of each other and the earth we will not be here much longer. It is time to act NOW not sit cross legged thinking it will all be alright.


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