Your next Three Top Tips:

Top Tips:


  1. In the morning after you have grounded yourself, say to yourself and feel it in your heart whilst you do – “Today no matter what happens I am going to feel Joy in my heart and in all of me” – feel the joy that is in your heart.
  2. Take three deep breaths before you react.
  3. Smile and make up a reason for why you need to walk away – “Just popping to the toilet” has always worked for me.  Whilst in your private space (toilet, garden, bedroom) ground and remind yourself that today you are going to enjoy yourself and that you have chosen to be in the situation that you are in – because if you had not chosen – on some level to be there, you wouldn’t be there.
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These Top Tips may need a little practice so I am sending them to you today,

Three Top Tips:


  1. Ground yourself – using my exercise as this connects you to yourself, to the earth and to Universe /All that is / God / Buddha / (insert your own name).
  2. In your own way thank Universe /All that is / God / Buddha / (insert your own name) and feel that you are always connected to this source and it supports you.
  3. If you know that over the holiday period you are going to see someone that normals rattles / annoys you, see this person as a young child and try to see that something must of happen to them for them to be the way that they are.  Then allow yourself to feel peaceful towards them.
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Merry Christmas 🙂 x x x


Life is Fun – when you are in Awareness

and Awareness is simple,

the Chaos You create is the Problem!

and creates Your PAIN

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Why are you here?

Take some time and ponder this Question, because your answer effects everything you do.

Why do you think your here?

Your here because the universe wanted to have experiences, so it could experience itself.  The best way to do this was to created you, me and every human, out of itself.

What does this mean?

It means:

You are the Universe

The Universe is You



You get to create Your experiences

Life happens Through You

Life does NOT happen TO You


There is a catch…

This is only True and your experience when you are Aware / Conscious / Awake

If you want to experience what this is like have a one to one session with me.

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Your perception will determine what you pay attention to internally and externally in any given situation- “The Key to Awareness” process by Fiona Maguire.

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