I found throughout the Festival of Enlightenment that the more I opened my heart the more people around me opened theirs; the more people around me opened their heart, the more I opened mine.


When I stood on stage at the opening ceremony waiting to introduce myself, which I did not know we were going to be asked to do, I was scarred.  My heart was beating so fast in my chest that I was sure that other people could see my top moving.  The knot in my solar plexus was so tight it was strangling me.  Here I was standing on stage with famous people I had heard of but had they heard of me?  Would they be interested in what I had to say?


Then I opened my heart and stepped into it.  Everything slowed down and I could see that everyone was nervous and excited and the people in the audience, the people that mattered as they had paid to me there, was loving every word everyone said!


When it was my turn to speak I stood in the middle of the stage went into my heart and let it take over.  I found myself thanking everyone for inviting me!  That is how I felt so that is what I said.  Then I spoke about the Key to Awareness process and invited them to my talks and workshops.  I have no memory of what I actually said because it did not come from my intellectual mind it came from my heart.


Some how I had in my mind that I needed to have a power-point display to accompany my talks.  So I sat about preparing them.  This was good for me as it clarified the order of what I wanted to say.  When I had done each talk and each workshop once, I felt that the power-points fed the intellect and took people out of present moment awareness.  It felt to me that a much deeper level of communication could happen.


I decided to do my last two slots that were an hour each without the power-points and go with whatever came up.  Theses last two mini workshops were so much more powerful. The people in them got to experience the Key to Awareness process first hand.  People spontaneously let go of physical and emotional pain, within a minute of doing the process.


Some of the feedback I got was:

“Awesome” Lisa, Boulder CO

“Where can I buy the Key to Awareness Manual, Awesome!” Karen, Estes Park CO

“WOW, I can ground!” Patrick

“Good.  You’re onto something” Liana, Louisville CO

“Wonderful, thank you” Elisa

“Fantastic” Susan, Estes Park CO

My lessons from FoE
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