Part 2 of the “Key to Awareness” process, a sample.


Part 2 of “The Key to Awareness” process is about processing the energy in your body that is caused by your thought(s), emotion(s), thought patterns, emotional patterns, actions and conditioning and thus releasing it.  This enables you to be more present in your body and therefore more present in the moment and have a deeper sense of awareness.


You will learn how to connect with the whole of your body.  There is no greater connection than that which you have with your body.  As this opens up your ability to have a deeper connection with yourself, others and the world; through you becoming to know what it is like to listen to your intuition and then trusting to act from your intuition.  This gives your experiences depth and makes them more fulfilling and meaning for you.


This part of the process is also presented in a logical order.  In each exercise you focus on grounding, then your body sensations and then your breath to bring you into awareness.  In the “realising energy in your body” exercise you first focus on your body sensations to help you open up to whatever arises within your awareness.  By practising all of the exercises you will experience that with awareness, and therefore acceptance, your body sensations, mind / perceptions and energy naturally shifts and changes.  This shift enables everything to transform and brings you into contact with who you really are; which is incredibly empowering.  

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